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Bankruptcies and start-ups 2019

03 Apr 2020

  • 4,691 corporate insolvencies in Switzerland in 2019 (-3%)
  • "Hall of Shame of bankruptcies: Wood and furniture industry, construction, catering and handicraft
  • 44,612 New registrations of companies (+3%)
In 2019, 4,691 companies in Switzerland went bankrupt, a decrease of three percent. The decline was particularly marked in northwestern Switzerland (-13%) and the Espace Mittelland (-12%), while it was less pronounced in eastern Switzerland (-4%) and southwestern Switzerland (-2%). The number of bankruptcies rose most in Zurich (+8%), followed by Central Switzerland (+5%) and Ticino (+3%). In four sectors, the risk of bankruptcy was more than twice the average. The wood and furniture industry came off worst (2.3x higher risk), closely followed by construction and hospitality (both 2.26x) and craftsmen (2.25x). In all, these four sectors account for 36 percent of all insolvencies.

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Bankruptcies and formations as of December 2019

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