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Fewer bankruptcies, more start-ups

03 Apr 2020

Between January and November 2019, 1,579 bankruptcies were registered by just four sectors: these were construction and craft firms, as well as companies from the wood and furniture industry and the catering sector. These leaders of the bankruptcy statistics are thus responsible for more than a third of all corporate bankruptcies. In all, over 4,310 firms had to open insolvency proceedings, a drop of three percent on the previous year. On the other hand, there was an increase in the number of newly founded companies. In total, entrepreneurs in Switzerland had 40,209 new companies entered in the commercial register. This represents growth of three percent. There was particularly high start-up activity in the service sector, in the wood and furniture industry and in the hotel and restaurant industry.
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Bankruptcies and formations as of November 2019

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