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Bankruptcies minus four percent, start-ups plus four percent.

29 May 2019

274 craft businesses, 199 catering businesses and 136 wholesalers: this is how many companies in these sectors went bankrupt in the first four months of 2019. Across Switzerland, more than 1,562 companies had to file for bankruptcy, which corresponds to a decline of four percent. Bisnode D&B's analysis shows an increase in bankruptcies in southwestern Switzerland (+11%), Ticino (+4%) and Zurich (+2%). In the other major regions their number fell. While the number of bankruptcies decreased, the number of start-ups rose by four percent. A total of 15,249 new companies were entered in the Commercial Register between January and April 2019. In business services, there were 1,724 start-ups, followed by 1,438 business and tax consultancies and 1,406 craft businesses.

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Bankruptcies and foundations April 2019

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