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2018: Company bankruptcies increased by two percent

18 Jan 2019

In 2018, 4,813 companies went bankrupt in Switzerland. This corresponds to an increase of two percent over the previous year. Only in two regions did the number of insolvencies decrease, namely in Zurich (-6%) and in southwestern Switzerland (-1%). In the other regions, the number of insolvencies rose, most strongly in northwestern Switzerland (+9%), followed by eastern Switzerland (+8%). Bisnode D&B's analysis shows that the construction industry, the craft trades and the hotel and restaurant industry are the sectors with the highest risk of slips. Anyone who has debtors in these sectors must reckon with a more than twice as high risk of default due to bankruptcy. The only way to counter this is to monitor these customers closely and actively control credit limits.

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Bankruptcies and start-ups as of December 2018

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