Payment behaviour: The Röschtigraben does exist!

28 Feb 2018

In 2017, companies in Switzerland paid only around three-quarters of their invoices on time. These were the findings of the payment behaviour analysis carried out by Bisnode D&B, for which more than one million invoices were evaluated in anonymised form on a monthly basis. Overall, exactly 23.3 percent of the payments arrived after the agreed deadline. This equates to a slight decrease of late payments compared to the previous year. The average delay of the late payments was 14.4 days. Examined by canton, the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Ticino and Zug stand out particularly negatively. Poor payment practice was also observed in the francophone cantons. Examined by sector, the textile and clothing industry, as well as the hospitality sector and the automotive industry come across negatively.

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Payment behaviour B2B Switzerland 2017

Payment behaviour B2B Switzerland 2017

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