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We simplify our customers’ business decisions
Bisnode enables smart decisions

Bisnode enables smart decisions

We are experts in high-quality data

Everyone needs sometimes help to make decisions. We specialize in customizing credit, business and market information that makes it easier for our customers to make smart decisions. We listen to our customer’s needs and provide them with accurate and relevant data on which to base decisions.

Every day, enormous amounts of data are created by private consumers, organizations and companies. In fact, 90 per cent of the world’s data has been generated over the past two years alone. At Bisnode, we use data of only the highest quality. We also have the knowledge required to combine this data with our customers’ own data to produce information that would otherwise be impossible to find.

We have access to enormous amounts of both local and global data and have the analytical expertise to transform abstract data into relevant decision support. We can interpret large amounts of data to find patterns and trends that others cannot see. We can also present clear answers and insight that makes it easy for our customers to act with certainty.

Our analysts are experts with the ability to detect new trends, patterns and consumer behaviours as they begin to emerge. We provide facts, answers and insights that give our customers the information they need to make confident decisions. But we do not just deliver the decision-making data that our customers need. We also make sure that this data is integrated into daily workflows and that it is available at the right time, on the right device and in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

We want it to be easy to make decisions. That is why we are constantly developing new ways for our customers to access the decision-making data they need. By utilizing new technology, we can integrate this information into our customers’ computers, phones or systems so that they can access it from anywhere in the world.

How our high-quality data can help you make smart decisions

Data sources, formats and security

Data sources, formats and security

We handle large amounts of data and we take that responsibility seriously.

Bisnode handles vast amounts of data every day. We synchronize information from hundreds of suppliers and, through our US partner Dun and Bradstreet, we also have access to the world’s most comprehensive business directory.  

Altogether, we have access to 2,000 official data sources that we analyse based on our customers’ needs. All information is handled and analysed in accordance with a number of decision rules. For us, it is both essential and obvious to safeguard our customers’ confidentiality and handle sensitive information in a secure manner.

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Smart data Grafik

Smart data

We refine big data into smart data

Every day, 16 trillion megabytes of data are produced across the globe. For the individual, the business community and society as a whole, this enormous amount of information is a goldmine – and also a huge challenge. At Bisnode, we refine and transform big data into smart data. This means that we extract the best information from all the vast amounts of data created and deliver the right data points and the right analyses at the right time. This gives our customers the ability to make smart decisions and propel their businesses forward. It is only then that big data becomes smart.

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Dun & Bradstreet

Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

Access to global business information

Dun & Bradstreet’s worldwide network includes information from more than 265 million companies in 240 countries. D&B collects information from 30,000 official sources and performs 5 million updates every day. As a Bisnode customer, you have access to this entire network while simultaneously benefiting from our local knowledge and expertise.

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risk and credit

Our approach to risk and credit

Increased revenue with risk optimization

Our approach to risk and credit involves optimizing – rather than minimizing – risk. An overly cautious risk strategy and excessively restrictive credit assessments put the brakes on business. Taking too much risk, on the other hand, can be devastating. The challenge is to find the balance between security and business opportunities and the key to this is reliable decision support based on high-quality data.

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Make smart business decisions

Find out what smart data and analysis can do for you and your business

Enrich your data & secure accuracy

Use smart data to get a comprehensive overview of your customers, business activities, risks and opportunities.

  • Ensure data quality in your systems and processes
  • Enrich your data with Bisnode quality & reference data
  • Ensure compliance by data

Maximize your Return on Relations

Use smart data to identify new customers, drive sales, optimize risk and build long-lasting customer relations.

  • Identify and reach new customers
  • Optimize your risk and credit management
  • Keep your existing customers and develop your relations with them
  • Monitor and manage your customer interfaces

Automate your day-to-day business decisions

Use smart data for more efficient decision-making processes in your daily business operations.

  • Reinforce your marketing using data, alerts and triggers
  • Automate your risk and credit processes
  • Integrate quality data into your business processes

Get support from Bisnode throughout the customer journey

Use smart data to drive sales from prospects to loyal customers

Find new customers

Use smart data to attract customers who are closest to a purchase decision — at a risk level that meets your business goals. Using Bisnode's market data and analytics models, we can help you find the best potential customers and find out when they are most likely to buy.

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Increase conversion

Improve the conversion rate of your best customers by using smart data to optimize the criteria and processes for your offers. Customize your offers and maximize ROI for different customer segments by combining financial information and market data for each potential customer.

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Drive add-on sales

Use smart data to gain insights that help you act in real time — both about the opportunities for upsales and events pointing to an altered level of risk of the customer. By integrating our analytics tools for smart data with your CRM or your systems for marketing automation and sales support, we can help you make daily predictions about your best sales and customer service opportunities. At the same time, we help you manage the risks that arise.

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Build customer loyalty

Use smart data to continuously monitor and manage your customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. By integrating our tools for smart data with your CRM, CX or marketing automation system, we can help you manage all your customer relationships.

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