Optimize your credit risk with the right decision-making data
The optimal level of risk

The optimal level of risk

Balance between safe and aggressive

Modern business life places high demands on effective credit processes. Automating credit decisions and integrating decision-making data into a company's own systems enables secure, consistent and fast credit decisions.

Our approach to risk and credit is all about optimizing risk. For a company with a low level of risk, an overly restrictive credit assessment can serve as a stumbling block for business. Similarly, an excessively high risk can be devastating. It is all about finding the balance between security and business opportunities, where the key is having accurate data on which to base decisions. Our high-quality business data provides great opportunities to assess the risk both of your customer or supplier portfolio as a whole and in relation to an individual customer or supplier. With the right decision-making data, you can make safe – yet aggressive – credit decisions that lead to increased profitability and more business.