Personal data at Bisnode

Our guideline

We protect your privacy

We protect your privacy

The group policy directs all our actions

Bisnode D&B complies with the group-wide privacy policy of the Bisnode Group. We protect the individual's need for privacy through the following measures:

  • Processing of suitable and relevant personal information about executives and other employees (such as authorized signatories, owners) to whom personal information has already been published in directories, government agencies or registries, or who have been directly registered by Bisnode due to their work.
  • No processing of sensitive personal data (such as religion, political orientation, sexual interests), cf. Art 4 E-DPA and Art. 4 DPR.
  • Possibility to set up a restricition so that each person or company listed may exercise their right to refuse direct marketing, cf. Art. 28 E-DPA and Art. 16-18 DPR.
  • Requirement that for direct marketing campaigns based on personal data coming from Bisnode, it is required that Bisnode is stated as address source.
  • Information is disclosed for a specific purpose except if Bisnode suspects that it may be used in contravention of the purposes set forth by Bisnode, and that maybe a person's privacy could be violated in this or any other way.
  • Active communication about how Bisnode manages personal data in surveys, i.e. directly via own or foreign direct marketing and indirectly via advertising and online.
  • Maintaining advanced and modern technical security measures when processing personal data.
  • Quick and efficient customer service that updates, corrects, locks and deletes incorrect or incomplete personal information.
  • Existing methods for processing excerpts.
  • Appointing a qualified personal data officer.