Human resource
services market leader Utilizes automated credit management


Adecco is the market leader in the human resource services sector. Around the globe, Adecco operates 5,500 branches in about 60 countries. In Switzerland alone, the company has more than 100 branches at over 50 locations offering services in the disciplines of recruiting and selection, outsourcing, training and continued education as well as HR consulting. Adecco Switzerland’s staff of 450 supports a workforce of about 40,000 and 11,000 corporate clients. In 2012, Adecco generated revenues of approximately CHF 550 million in Switzerland.

Adecco utilizes Bisnode D&B’s integrated solutions in both, its CRM (customer relationship management) and its finance system. During the initial data entry process, all new contacts are automatically recorded with their correct data directly in the D&B interface and checked for their creditworthiness. A combination of the D&B Rating and in-house Adecco data is used to conduct credit checks. According to Yann Vittoz, Adecco Switzerland Credit Manager, the automated solution facilitates the frontline work considerably: «Our branches are very pleased with the Bisnode D&B data integration into their CRM system.» After all, thanks to the integrated solution they always have correct company master data at their disposal and are in a position to instantly update their payment terms to accommodate changing risk levels.

«The payment history reports provided by Bisnode D&B are one-of-a-kind as far as the Swiss market is concerned.»

Yann Vittoz, Credit Manager Adecco Switzerland


Any CRM contact is recorded in the Adecco finance system as soon as the account generates revenues. At the same time a full D&B report is ordered and the system ensures that an up-to-date collections report is available. All existing accounts are subject to a new check at 12-month intervals. The information obtained ensures that all branches have a uniform risk overview. Moreover, Adecco’s central credit management is in a position to obtain an overview of the overall situation at any time.

After a test phase concluded by the end of 2013, Adecco decided to extend its cooperation with Bisnode D&B for several more years. The test comprised credit checks of 100 companies conducted through four different business information service providers. Adecco did not only rate its interactions with Bisnode D&B as professional and competent, but also found the quality of data received during the test to be a deciding factor: «The payment history reports provided by Bisnode D&B are one-of-a-kind as far as the Swiss market is concerned and offer us true added value,» comments Yann Vittoz: «Besides the high quality of the data we already receive, this was yet another key aspect that led to our decision to continue to work with Bisnode D&B in the future.»