Bluish GmbH is a graphic artist company founded in 2000 and based in the City of Zurich. The small service company focuses on the conceptual design and implementation of the visual appearance of small and medium- sized enterprises.

As a service provider for corporate clients, Bluish GmbH has a broad client base with heavily differing order volumes Advance payment as a payment term is unusual. In addition, it often happens that Bluish GmbH independently outsources orders such as printing before the customer has actually paid their invoice. In such instances a payment default would mean an even greater loss than merely its own unpaid services. «I believe that it is sensible to safeguard our liquidity with respect to large orders», explains Karin Schnelli, proprietor of Bluish GmbH: «Therefore we carry out a quick online credit rating check with».

«I believe that it is sensible to safeguard our liquidity with respect to large orders»

Karin Schnelli, proprietor of Bluish GmbH

Bluish GmbH provides the opportunity of carrying out a simple online credit rating check or an in-depth risk analysis of all companies within Switzerland, which have been entered in the Commercial Register. In addition, all company information from the Commercial Register can be accessed free of charge and advertising-free. Furthermore, the integrated monitoring service via e-mail guarantees that relevant company changes of customers are immediately passed on to their service providers or suppliers. Moreover, the credit rating reports can be accessed quickly and easily. Payment is made by means of a credit card, Paypal or Postfinance, requiring neither a contract nor a minimum order quantity. «Within minutes and at a low price tells us whether we can supply a customer via invoice or whether we need to insist on advance payment», states Schnelli. «This provides us with the security to confidently accept even large orders from clients who are as yet unfamiliar to us.»