maxon motor is a Swiss manufacturer of drive systems. The company’s product portfolio comprises electrical engines, transmissions and signaling systems. Founded in 1961, the enterprise is headquartered in Sachseln (Obwalden). It also maintains production facilities in Germany and Hungary. Currently, maxon motor boasts a global workforce of more than 2000 and is represented by distribution companies in more than 40 countries around the world. maxon motor generates close to half of its revenues in the medical technology sector.

maxon motor ag uses Bisnode D&B solutions to check the creditworthiness of all new accounts who order merchandise on account. Moreover, the company also obtains credit ratings for all foreign customers and clients whose credit limits exceed CHF 50,000.- This policy is also integrated into maxon motor’s ICS (in-house controlling system). All companies in Switzerland who are subject to audits according to the Swiss Obligations Act (Obligatorenrecht) are mandated by law to maintain an ICS since 2008. Having an ICS in place helps companies to streamline their business processes effectively and efficiently and to safeguard the protection of their assets. Besides the actual protective function, credit reports also offer another major added value for the maxon motor finance department. Roland Arregger (controlling) sums it up: «It provides us with a solid basis for our discourse with sales if this department should be eager to grant excessive credit limits.» For companies like maxon motor who do business around the world, the uniform inquiry interface of Bisnode D&B offers yet another benefit. Roland Arregger: «We find it very practical that we can simply access the Swiss as well as the international company reports under one and the same user interface.»

«We want to make certain that our customers receive their orders in due time and in the best possible quality.»

Roland Arregger, Controlling maxon motor ag

maxon motor

However, maxon motor does not restrict its credit checks to customers. Many orders are produced based on the custom specifications of the buyer. Consequently, the required components purchased from third party vendors have to be custom tailored as well. To ensure their availability, maxon motor also conducts credit checks of the designated suppliers for large-scale orders. «In the past, we did have problems with suppliers whose cash flow was impaired. To be able to warrant the timely delivery of the essential components for our production, we decided to conduct advance credit checks of our suppliers,» says Roland Arregger. «After all, we want to make certain that our customers receive their orders in due time and in the best possible quality.»