Schwarz Stahl AG is a family business established in 1832 and based in Lenzburg (Aargau). With approximately 80 employees in the four business segments of Steel & Metal, Building Services, Trade Supplies and Civil Engineering, Schwarz Stahl AG holds a leading market position within the region.

In order to prevent losses, the finance department of Schwarz Stahl AG checks all new customers using the full Bisnode CreditCheck report. The latter provides an online, real-time picture of the economic situation, the credit rating and the payment behaviour of a company, which is both transparent and objective. In addition, Schwarz Stahl AG checks the credit rating of ist customers if the payment behaviour or order volume changes, or if the credit limits are exceeded.

«Bisnode CreditCheck is a crucial tool for us in order to check the credit rating of our customers»

Financial Department Schwarz Stahl AG

Schwarz Stahl AG

Furthermore, the Bisnode CreditCheck business reports support the finance department of Schwarz Stahl AG in communicating with the sales department, in particular with respect to specifying payment terms. The external reports can, for instance, be used in order to justify shorter payment terms or lower credit limits. Ultimately the prevention of losses is a crucial task of the finance department: «The business transaction is only complete once we are able to enter receipt of payment in the books. For us Bisnode CreditCheck is a crucial tool for checking our customers‘ credit rating and thus minimising loss and, in fact, preventing it, wherever possible.»