SOPROP (“Software for Professional Human Resources Service Providers”) is developed and sold by Basel-based M&D Solutions AG. SOPROP is aimed at both temporary employment agencies and companies that are conducting staff recruitment or an executive search. With the SaaS solution (Software as a Service), all relevant activities such as administration, wages, invoicing, contracting and reporting can be accessed via one browser. As the market leader SOPROP has been used for more than 650,000 applications since 2006 and each year approximately 12 million working hours are passed to account using it.

Users of SOPROP expressed the desire to be able to check the credit rating of their client companies. Therefore, SOPROP contacted the three largest providers in the market and ultimately decided on a partnership with Bisnode D&B, as Benjamin Leuzinger, Managing Director of SOPROP, explains: «For us the smooth and tailor-made integration of the company data in SOPROP was vital. In addition to the data quality, the integration of the D-U-N-S® number for the Master Data Management and the payment experience pool of Bisnode D&B provided crucial added value.» The selected solution facilitates for the company search a look-up that automatically collects the company data, meaning that the data quality for all SOPROP customers is safeguarded.

«The integration of the data by Bisnode D&B with the flat fee solution provides great added value for our customers.»

Benjamin Leuzinger, Managing Director SOPROP


As human resources service providers make advance payments for the wages to the employees, they are threatened with great losses in the case of a customer failure. The credit check provides an important decision-making basis in order to be able to evaluate the risk. SOPROP customers can carry out the credit check at a fixed price within the system and view the credit rating of their client companies in various places. «Based on the notification of the credit rating score, the risk indicator and the number of payment experiences, our customers are able to make credit decisions.

If they require additional information, they will receive a comprehensive Executive Report at the push of a button,» Leuzinger states. «The integration of the data by Bisnode

D&B with the flat fee solution provides great added value for our customers. The development effort was very manageable. Thanks to the good support and the flexibility of Bisnode, we were able to implement this solution within a few weeks.»