Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH, based in Küttigen, is a company of the German Waldmann Group. With approximately 20 employees it offers lighting solutions for industry, architecture and medical phototherapy. Due to the level of turnover and earnings the Swiss market is of great importance to the Waldmann Group.

In order to be able to penetrate the market even better in future, Christoph Zimmermann, Managing Director of Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH, decided to analyse the structure of the existing five sales areas: «We did not just want to purchase information for this project, but find a solution. The solution was not supposed to require any data pro-cessing resources from us, whilst at the same time allowing us to easily make any amendments ourselves.» The Bisnode D&B consultants analysed the requirements and suggested a course of action where the results can be visualised on a map of Switzerland.

«We did not just want to purchase information for this project, but find a solution.»

Christoph Zimmermann, Managing Director Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH


The analysis of the client base and the market data by Bisnode D&B facilitated the preparation of a detailed analysis of potential of the sales areas. In the process, a number of findings contradicted the original assumptions. For instance, it turned out that the Sales area with the previously highest turnover did not indicate a greater potential than the other regions and, therefore, segmenting this area would not be meaningful. On the other hand, however, another area indicated a very high potential. On the basis of these new insights, Waldmann Lichttechnik decided to restructure the previous sales areas.

The evaluation of the data by Bisnode D&B and the interactive visualisation produced a real added value, as Christoph Zimmermann explains: «With the Bisnode D&B solution, we were able to easily determine the potential for each sales area ourselves and, in the process, simply make any adjustments and expansions ourselves. As the solution is based on a web server, the datasets and results were easy to exchange. In addition, the graphical representation on the map made the decision considerably easier.» Thanks to the results, the company made the necessary decisions concerning the sales areas: «Due to an improvement of the market penetration Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH will be able to stand on firm and solid ground over the next few years.»