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796 Company bankruptcies

06 Apr 2020

In the first two months of the current year, the number of corporate bankruptcies decreased significantly. In all, more than 796 firms had to open insolvency proceedings, a drop of six percent. In Ticino, the number of bankruptcies fell by as much as 29 percent compared with the same period last year, followed by southwestern Switzerland with a fall of 20 percent and central Switzerland with a drop of 17 percent. In north-western Switzerland, insolvencies fell by ten percent. There was a slight increase of one percent in the Espace Mittelland. In Zurich, bankruptcies rose by 17 percent and in eastern Switzerland by a full 34 percent. The number of newly founded companies stagnated at the previous year's level. A total of 7,667 new companies were entered in the commercial register, which represents an increase of just 28 start-ups.

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Bankruptcies and start-ups as of February 2020

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