Overall Business Impact

Identify the need for action in your business partner portfolio more quickly in times of Corona with Overall Business Impact
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The Overall Business Impact analysis is reflected in the Corona Ranking and assists with:

Where are the risks and opportunities arising from Covid-19 in your portfolio of business partners?
What revenue shifts might result from the current situation compared to the traditional risk assessment?
Where are government trade and contact restrictions critical to your partners’ business activities?

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We navigate you through the crisis


The coronavirus crisis has left its mark on almost every industry: companies are being forced to find new models. This is exactly where we start and try to help your company. 


Traditional scoring models usually infer the future from past experience. So far, though, there is not much experience of the economic impact of Covid-19.


The Overall Business Impact uses both known factors from a company’s past and new Covid-19 factors:

Overall Business Impact factors

  • Financial statements
    These give a picture of the fundamental stability and endurance of a company in crisis situations
  • Payment experience
    Daily updated payment information flows into the world’s largest payment experience pool, D&B DunTrade, providing transparency for both supply chains and payment habits
  • Corporate families
    D&B Linkage uncovers corporate networks, allowing you to identify endangered structures
  • Industry information
    Differentiate companies that are endangered or helped by their business activities and their dependence on suppliers
  • Industry assessment
    Expert information on industries affected and helped by Covid-19
  • Infection figures and official measures
    Limit the immediate scope of the effects of Covid-19
  • Environment affected
    The risk situation for the business environment has an influence on stability

Traditional ratings are geared towards financial stability, estimate either insolvency or late payment and measure the behaviour of the company in the market.


Coronavirus is a special situation:
Data on infections, regional restrictions and industry-specific hazard and risk situations make the traditional assessment of the situation during Covid-19 more precise.



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