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Bisnode Studio: How to do business in times of crisis


We are at war. We do not fight against other countries. No, the enemy is a virus. Covid-19 has recently turned our lives upside down in a matter of weeks. The crisis affects us all. Bisnode’s CEO Magnus Silverberg talks about how you as a company manage to do business in times of crisis. Welcome to Bisnode Studio, Episode 1.

For more than a decade, we have been accustomed to a low-risk business environment. That has changed. This is because the risks have increased dramatically since the outbreak of the corona crisis. Entire countries are in a shutdown, many industries are hit extremely hard, many companies are struggling with their supply chain.

Risks wherever you look

In this episode of Bisnode Studio we will talk about why it is so important to make business decisions based on data. Bisnode’s CEO Magnus Silverberg is our conversation partner.

He answers the following questions. Simply jump to the appropriate time in the video if you are particularly interested in something.

Question 1 (01:03)

Bisnode's mission as a tech company is to build trust between companies. How has this role changed in the changing business environment?

Question 2 (02:01)

If you follow the news, you quickly get the impression that everything is at a standstill. Is this impression correct? Or how is the economy doing at the moment?

Question 3 (02:45)

You work data-driven to build trust. What happens to trust in times of crisis? And why is it so important to base your decisions on data?

Question 4 (03:50)

Credit ratings are an important indicator of trust. But are they valid today? It is well known that the decline in demand is due to political decisions and not to market failure.

Question 5 (05:12)

How important is it not to prevent trade at the moment?

Question 6 (06:36)

Is secure trading even possible at the moment?

Question 7 (07:22)

What are the most important tips to get through the crisis unscatted?