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Payment behavior This is how Swiss companies pay

19 Feb 2018

It actually exists, the "Röstigraben". Companies in French-speaking Switzerland pay their invoices later compared to those in German-speaking Switzerland. The worst payment behavior is experienced in Ticino. In this article you find out how good the payment behavior is in which cantons.

Payment behavior This is how Swiss companies pay


61.5%! This is the amount f invoices which are paid too late in the canton Ticino. This means that only 38.5% of all payments are arranged in time. This makes Ticino the canton with the worst payment behavior in Switzerland. Also with the delay of the invoices paid too late, the canton Ticino takes the inglorious first place with 15.7 days

On the other side of the list is the canton Uri. Only 18.7% of payments are made after the payment term expired. This complies with a delay of seven days on average for late-paid invoices. Central Switzerland is very good anyway. Cantons such as Obwalden, Nidwalden and Lucerne, but also Glarus, St. Gallen and Appenzell are at the front of payment behavior.

The "Röstigraben" of payment behavior

The cantons of Western Switzerland are not very precise concerning payment terms. In Fribourg about 43% of payments are arranged too late. In comparison this canton is the best. In Valais, the proportion of late-paid invoices is 45.6%, in Neuchâtel 47.6%, in Jura just under 52%, in the canton Geneva 52.5% and in Vaud even 55.6%.

Central Switzerland very good with two exceptions

Zug and Schwyz are exceptions of an otherwise very reliably paying Central Switzerland. In a belt from St. Gallen over Glarus, Uri, Unterwalden and Lucerne to Berne lie the best payers in Switzerland. On the contrary, the canton of Schwyz is in second place with almost 60% of late-paid invoices after Ticino.

The cantons of Northern Switzerland and Grisons form the midfield. The canton of Zurich performs best with 36.6% late-paid invoices, followed by Schaffhausen with 37.2%, Thurgau with 37.9%, Grisons with 38.4%, and Aargau with 41.2%.

The DunTrade® program

The data on payment behavior comes from the DunTrade® program, in which Bisnode D & B collects and evaluates payment experiences. Many national and international companies provide their receivables data to Bisnode D & B - around 1.3 million invoices from the Swiss economy every month. Bisnode D & B uses this information to determine a payment index that warns against potential liquidity problems for a company.

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