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Infographic: What to do if the customer doesn't pay your invoice?

There's probably nothing more tedious than a customer who doesn't pay his invoices. But what initially seems tedious quickly develops into a problem, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. If there is no cash flow, an existential crisis of your company is already pre-programmed. But how do you deal with customers who don't pay? What helps best? Talking with them? Or threatening them? To make sure that your cash flow is not running dry, we have an infographic with 9 tips for a quick payment receipt. Dunning, debt collection, psychological tricks: Everything at a glance.

Do you occasionally go up the wall when a customer ignores your invoice or dunning notice again? You have delivered the goods and kept your promise. When the going gets tough, you lack the cash to pay off your debts or invest.

Liquidity: That's why it's so important

In our blog article on the topic "Working Capital Management: That's how it works and why it's so important" we introduced the 3 pillars of Working Capital Management to you: Accounts Receivable Management, Accounts Payable Management and Stock Management.

The first pillar in particular, the active management of your receivables, ensures that you always have sufficient liquid assets at your disposal. You certainly don't want to run into a liquidity bottleneck. The consequences may be dramatic: It leads to a low self-financing power, which in turn endangers the continuation of your business activities.

Or in short: You simply don't have enough money to invest on your own. This is a problem for growth-oriented SMEs.

A customer does not pay: Bring your Accounts Receivable Management up to scratch

So go for it. Care about the defaulting payers in your customer portfolio. Under certain circumstances, even a small adjustment can bring a great deal of added value. So it does not always have to be debt collection - under certain circumstances already correctly issued invoices, the right payment method, correctly written dunning notices or psychological tricks can help to significantly reduce the payment term.

What to do? Start by downloading our infographic. We have put together the best 9 tips on how to get your well-deserved money quickly and easily.

These 9 tips are waiting for you - of course graphically prepared with all information and details. 

  1. Send correct invoices
  2. Offer different forms of payment
  3. Arrange payment terms
  4. Psychological tricks
  5. Discount
  6. Work for money
  7. Search the conversation
  8. Dunning
  9. Learning from experience


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9 tips for fast payment receipt

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