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Unique chance

Unique chance

Due to the growing flood of information and the ever-increasing range of products and services available for choice, market conditions are today subject to constant change. There are more and more market players fighting for purchasing power. In an effort to attract the latter, their budgets are increasingly under pressure. Under these circumstances, how can one not only find selected corporate clients, but also convince potential customers with effective advertising messages that they should choose your company and not a competitor?

In a world where digital developments in our lives have become a matter of course, the conditions for how and where we gather our information have changed. As more channels of communication are available than ever, we need to question our practices as well as our strategies. What are the available solutions to keep pace with the digital revolution while understanding its potential and taking advantage of it?

Via our wholly owned subsidiary Vendemore, we offer account-based marketing solutions. It combines the ability to address the right buyers and decision makers with the potential of digital interfaces. With IP-based online advertising, you can target your B2B customers with tailored offerings and specific messages. It helps you communicate more effectively, increase your ROI, build long-lasting customer relationships, and generate successful deals with your strategic accounts.

Maximizing actions related to strategic accounts

Maximizing actions related to strategic accounts

Seeing and managing individual customers as an independent market means that the communication has to be individually tailored to each customer, which ensures more accuracy by itself. With our solution you can:

  • tailor your online communication so that your marketing actions are unique and of interest to each existing or prospect customer.
  • assign your marketing budget and resources based on the greatest return potential and thus avoid unnecessary costs.
  • increase your ROI thanks to the relevance and effectiveness of customer-specific messages.
Further develop business and relations

Further develop business and relations

For companies with long and complex sales cycles it can be hard to identify and reach all interested persons. With our solution you can:

  • expand your business by determining customers with the best potential.
  • assure that your brand and sales messages remain continuously present for your customers so that customers willing to buy products first think about your company.
  • build long-lasting relationships and create opportunities for additional revenue by continuously identifying what your customers' new needs are.

For large, often international companies, it is almost impossible to reach all the interesting possible contacts. In complex procurement conditions influencers and decision makers have to be convinced - usually with different arguments. With our solution for account-based marketing you can select departments, which you want to reach and assure that the respective persons in the right phase of the decision-making-process are addressed. Thanks to IP-based advertisement you can communicate with a customer or potential partner online on the website he/she is visiting. You can adjust your advertisement to the preferences of your customer. It allows you to target the people you want to interact with, at the right time, considering their preferences.

The power of account-based marketing is to focus your marketing resources on the most profitable accounts. Essentially, it's about influencing large decision-making groups with often different locations, identifying and solving customer issues, and strengthening your brands by expanding the product range information. The goal is not to generate as many clicks as possible, but rather to increase the chances of more orders with higher volumes. This unique opportunity to adapt to individual customers creates the necessary flexibility to continuously and optimally support the sales process.

Specific messages require content-driven communication. It becomes very important, what the message contains. This means that for your digital advertisement also white papers, customer references, blogs and Twitter feeds can be used. We help you with combining the different formats so you can get the best possible results and make sure the whole package supports your business strategy and revenue goals.

The use of software facilitates the lead management process and optimizes marketing activities. However, a large number of leads does not guarantee a purchase or high quality. Vendemore's software solutions, on the other hand, help you to identify prospects with the greatest potential and to determine how you can direct your marketing campaigns to potential customers that have been prioritized by your sales representatives. When marketing and sales work together, your advertising can support the ongoing dialog and processes. Specific and targeted messages give your customer the feeling that they have been especially selected and that the sender understands their specific challenges and requirements. With an ongoing dialog you make sure that customers who are making a purchase decision think of your business first instead of your competitors. In this way you are always one step ahead. And as only the selected recipient sees your advertisement, you can act without your competitors knowing which messages or offers you're submitting.

Account-basing marketing offers you the opportunity to combine tactical communication with clearly defined business objectives. The feedback from your sales results will help you to adjust your ads and identify new potential markets and "twins"; i.e. potential customers with similar characteristics to your existing customers. We help you evaluate the results of targeted actions based on feedback from prospects and customers. This will help you determine what you should prioritize and what not. The compilation of results and impact is delivered to you in the form of monthly reports with actionable sales expertise so you can continually evaluate and optimize your marketing and sales activities. If you want to get started quickly in account-based marketing without hiring your own experts, our experienced account teams are at your disposal.

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