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Take the right decisions with the right data

5,850,000 active company profiles from CH, DE und AT – always accessible

No matter which business partner’s creditworthiness you would like to check, you will definitely find the required details in our database for business information. With information on more than 650,000 active Swiss companies, 4.7 million active German companies and 500,000 active Austrian companies, we have the largest company database in the D-A-CH area for reliable business and corporate information including creditworthiness checks.

Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

Reports from all over the world

Ordering service for international company reports

In Bisnode CreditCheck you can find companies from over 200 countries and can also order a credit report. As a Dun & Bradstreet partner, Bisnode has access to worldwide data with approximately 265 million companies. This will give you easy and quick access to information about companies around the world at any time and drive your growth forward with the right and relevant companies.

A look behind the scenes

Customer Case

modern credit management with Bisnode CreditCheck

In order to prevent losses, the finance department of Schwarz Stahl AG checks all new customers using the full Bisnode CreditCheck report.

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Unique in Switzerland: Check your business partners simultaneously with two independent credit agencies. Intrum is the leading debt collection company in Switzerland and has its own creditworthiness data for Switzerland. In Bisnode CreditCheck you have access to both data of Bisnode and Intrum AG.

There are people behind every company and these determine how the company develops. You receive the company networks of all persons authorised to sign free of charge.

Keep an eye on your customers and suppliers. In Bisnode CreditCheck, you can see the risk distribution of your customer portfolio at a glance. Thanks to the monitoring function, you will always be informed about any changes.

Is your company subject to regulatory requirements? Then you might be required to check if your business partners are on sanction lists. With Bisnode CreditCheck you can compare all your business partners with global sanction and PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) lists of our renowned partner info4c. With the compliance module, every credit check of companies and persons includes a compliance check at the same time.

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