Bisnode RiskGuardian Suite

Efficient and simple risk assessment

Check simply and efficiently the credit risk of customers and business partners
  • Transparent evaluation of the credit risk by companies
  • Access to one of the largest databases of German payment experiences
  • Data on more than 5.3 million German companies and 2 million companies in Austria and Switzerland
  • Early recognition of changes in business partners
  • 365 days free risk monitoring included
  • Recognised by trade credit insurers

The risk always in view

With Bisnode RiskGuardian Suite you can easily and objectively check and assess the financial situation of customers, suppliers and new business partners from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thus keep your credit risk in view. Prevent unexpected bad debt losses and increase your planning reliability.

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Forecasting future risks and growing profitably

Mädchen stehen auf dem blühenden Feld

Take the right credit decisions and predict insolvencies with 90% accuracy

Bisnode's company reports from the RiskGuardian Suite are based on our proven and exact forecast model for credit risks based on the German school grading system (1.0 - 6.0). The model calculates the insolvency risk of your customers and business partners over the next 12 months.

Identify your business partners and obtain important risk information such as credit risk, payment behaviour, negative events, financial data and linkages with other companies at a glance.
Nahaufnahme eines vielfarbigen Frauenauges

Optimise your cash flow and avoid payment delays

Credit rating provides information about the ability to make a payment. But how likely is it that you will receive payment within the agreed period? With current information on the previous payment behaviour you can customise your credit terms with your business partners and know exactly which invoices you should keep a close eye on.
Frauen von hinten in Lilafarbenen Mänteln

Say yes more often - without increasing your credit risk

MWith the help of information on credit risk and payment behaviour of your customers and business partners, you will recognise unused business potential. Maybe you would be able to increase a customer's or prospect's willingness to buy if you accept a higher credit risk?

Ensure that you have access to quality assured information for these decisions and that you are kept up to date with regular updates on changes in credit risk and payment behaviour of your customers.

Why RiskGuardian Suite is the right solution for you

Access via user-friendly web interface
Powerful tool for the analysis of the credit risk of companies
Tracking and monitoring of company changes in your customer portfolio
Reports on important happenings and events requiring a reaction

Your benefits:

  • Information on 7.3 million companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Overview of current and past credit ratings
  • Overview of the current and previous payment behaviour
  • User-friendly web interfaces
  • View and download company reports in varying degrees of detail (compact and premium reports)
  • Free searches including status tracking
  • 365 days free risk monitoring included
  • Monitor important business events
  • Receive alerts on important events by e-mail
  • Use as web interface or directly integrated into your company system as API

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Companies, that have chosen Bisnode

We have customers in 19 European countries

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Would you like to know more?

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Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the right credit line for new customers?

Do you have to decide how much credit to grant a company? Bisnode’s RiskGuardian Suite credit limits are based on mathematical-static calculations and provide you with objective and always up-to-date information for credit limits. The calculation of the credit limits is based, among other things, on real payment experiences. In addition, factors such as employees, turnover, equity capital and the industry play a decisive role. The credit rating index of a customer is also considered.

Why do I need an objective credit rating check?

It is difficult, often impossible, to assess the credit risk of a business partner and to check his credit rating. Individual experiences are all too quickly mixed with other information. Subjective influences on the reliable valuation of a business partner can be reduced by using fact-based information from third parties.

Why is a one-time credit rating not sufficient?

Constant monitoring of the credit risk of a business partner is of essential importance. The fact that a company has always paid on time is no guarantee that it will continue to do so in the future.

It is therefore worthwhile to be informed at all times about changes in the credit rating of business partners. A properly configured monitoring service delivers important company changes on our database directly into your system or via e-mail to you and your colleagues. The settings can be adjusted individually.

In the case of critical customers, credit terms can thus be adjusted promptly and bad debt losses are avoided. This knowledge advantage thus offers you the possibility to guarantee the liquidity of your company and to minimise business risks.