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Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

International information and global insights

Being a winner on the global market requires that you can effectively cultivate new regions and countries. The challenge lies in being able to see potential, optimize risk exposure and ensure compliance in the country in which you intend to do business. Finding, collecting and having access to the right information about companies can be an overly demanding and sometimes almost impossible task. At the same time, action on a new market, without relevant and reliable data, can lead to a high degree of uncertainty and risk-taking that cannot be justified.

With the D&B Global Reference Solution, you gain access to the world's largest corporate database through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. The solution can be linked to a web-based reference book and reference database that gives you complete and comprehensive information. It also helps you with effective analysis and prospecting so you can develop your business and make sure that your decisions, in an international arena, are taken from relevant and updated information.

Develop existing and new business

Develop existing and new business

Relevant and business-critical information for global business

  • Create additional sales with existing customers by getting a complete overview of corporate groups.
  • Expand your business by finding new segments and exploring potential in a new market sector, country or region.
  • Target sales and marketing activities to customer groups where there is the greatest likelihood of purchase.
Make well-founded decisions and optimize risk

Make well-founded decisions and optimize risk

Complete international data makes it possible

  • Get a complete list of important events with your customers, such as mergers, bankruptcies and deregisters.
  • Choose the right customers using a clear picture of the financial status.
  • Ensure safe decisions thanks to access to relevant business facts, such as when they started and if they are active.
Create conditions for global compliance

Create conditions for global compliance

Keep track of companies, connections and transactions

  • Identify any irregularities by tracking the companies that operate from the same address or have identical phone numbers registered.
  • Secure decision-making data through information about when, for example, executives appear in several organizations or companies with similar names start up again following a bankruptcy.
  • Get a clear overview of how businesses relate to each other through corporate group structure overviews and ownership structures down to the minority level.

The D&B Global Reference Solution gives you access to Dun & Bradstreet's global database of 265 million companies and branches in a user-friendly application. You can easily look for a specific company or group of companies anywhere in the world. Every day, the database is updated more than five million times, ensuring you always know the information is of the highest quality. All companies are provided with a D&B D-U-N-S® Number for secure identification.

The tool contains many different selection options, where you can filter your selection based on parameters such as size, activity and geography. The prospecting process is streamlined because you can easily search for companies that match your criteria. By loading everything from continents, countries and states to counties and provinces, you can make selections at the level that is most relevant for each occasion and, when needed, can come down to a detailed local level. You get the results clearly presented and the built-in analysis module allows you to create matrices directly on the screen before exporting to your own system for further analysis and accurate selection (such as Microsoft Excel, SalesForce.com, Microsoft Dynamics or SAP).

With D&B Global Reference Solution, you can always find the right company in your system. Each time you get a new customer or supplier, you simply look them up and transfer the information. With D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers in your customer or supplier directory, each company has a unique global identification number. Based on this identification, it is possible to make global corporate group links to find potential customers or suppliers, as well as to see links which, in turn, provide consolidation opportunities. It also simplifies the update of existing data, such as addresses, phone numbers and financial information. Thanks to the ability to transfer files via FTP directly into your system, parts of the process can be automated and streamlined.

In order to quality assure all data, Dun & Bradstreet conducts extensive audits in accordance with its DUNSRight™ Quality Process. Over 2,000 automatic and several manual controls ensure that the information meets high demands. In addition, as many as five quality routines are followed to collect and improve information.

With the help of our monitoring services, you will be able to act on time. Thanks to the database being updated five million times a day, you can be sure that you have access to the latest information. By constantly starting with relevant data, you create a sense of security in your decisions that would otherwise not have been possible. This helps you avoid credit losses, increase profitability, and ensure that you are constantly doing business with the right customers.

By monitoring, we will provide you with information about:

  • Bankruptcies, mergers, liquidations and deregistered companies.
  • Payment remarks, debt balance, rating changes and payment index.
  • New financial statements.
  • Changes regarding names, addresses and board memberships.

The D&B Global Reference Solution was originally developed to allow European Union authorities to follow organizations and persons who commit fraud or move money into tax havens. Thanks to the experience and expertise from this solution, you get a unique look at who you are doing or thinking about doing business with. You effectively track companies that operate from the same address or have identical phone numbers, and see if the same executives appear in different organizations.

Since the D&B Global Reference Solution contains both active and inactive companies, it is easy to identify whether a company with a similar name has started after a bankruptcy. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, corporate group structures are advantageously used to see if a company is part of an organization where a lawyer or advisor already represents someone else. Through specific features and reports on minority holdings and related shareholders, you get the data to support investigations, conduct risk assessments and ensure compliance. Thanks to complete access to relevant information, you can streamline your data management and daily workflows, thus ensuring you are making informed decisions.

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