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Taking better marketing decisions thanks to detailed view

Taking better marketing decisions thanks to detailed view

Market Insight combines a variety of approaches to use corporate data to solve your marketing challenges: On the one hand the leading technology and data quality of Dun & Bradstreet and on the other hand all the information you already have about your customers and potential customers.

The current state of your internal database does not matter - you can now begin to generate new insights. Market Insight gives you an understandable yet detailed view of your customers and your marketplace.  It allows you:

Combination of data from different sources

Combination of data from different sources

  • Gain in-depth insights by adding more information from the D & B database.
  • Create profiles of your customers using RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value), Probability of Cancellation, or Customer Value.
  • Include data from other providers to get the best insight into your customers.

Knowing the characteristics of your best customers makes it easy for you to identify similar potential customers across the enterprise universe. The result is a list of potential customers you can rely on.

As you have the data from Dun & Bradstreet directly in your database, it will be easy for you to find related companies. Business linkages help you to prioritize your potential customers and identify cross and up-selling potential.

Your Market Insight portfolio is always up-to-date. D & B automatically updates the universe monthly without any interruptions. You can also upload your own new information at an interval of your choice.

Do you want to import data into your CRM? Market Insight allows you to upload data easily to salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can update data or each selection from Market Insight via the Upload Wizard. This helps you to integrate segmentations or scores directly into your CRM.

Bisnode D & B brings the expertise of Apteco, a leading provider of marketing data analysis and automation software. Together with Apteco, D & B has developed an application that is easy to use without relying on your IT department.

Market Insight is cloud-based. In order to use it all you have to do is run a locally installed "launcher".

Our team supports you. If you have no time or resources we support you and bring the results directly to you. You then also have the opportunity to learn from our experts to then work on the analyses alone.

To provide you with reliable information, all collected data is validated by the multi-level DUNSRight™ validation process.

Market Insight is your insight into the world. It gives you everything you need to compare your customer data with global market data - be it Swiss, European or global data.

Market Insight is also your shop: If you want to enrich your data, you can do this directly in the application. In this way you manage the prices and licenses centrally.

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