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Analyze and manage your global accounts receivables
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Understand your cash flow in depth with an overview of the credit risks in your global customer portfolio


Make business more profitable by understanding changes and hidden potential in your customer accounts


Manage commercial risks strategically with up-to-date and customized reports

Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

Global data for international business

In order to succeed in today's global business world, it becomes increasingly important to control your total exposure to credit risks. As a company, it is crucial to be aware of the risks and to make well-founded decisions, yet not avoid risks at all costs. With access to the right data and reliable forecasts, you can make safe decisions and secure new business opportunities.

Through Bisnode's partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, you gain access to the D&B Portfolio Manager, which will give you a full picture of the overall risk in your international customer portfolio and ensure that you base your credit decisions on up-to-date and relevant information.

Increase your insight with an eye on your customer portfolio

Increase your insight with an eye on your customer portfolio

D&B Portfolio Manager gives an overview of the company's global credit risk

  • Identify risk areas by understanding the customer portfolio’s credit risk segmented by company size, geography, organizational structure, sector and number of years in the industry.
  • Minimize hidden risks by assessing your exposure to corporate groups.
  • Control cash flow through analyses that identify risks in outstanding accounts receivable and validate your strategies for lending, reservation and recovery.
Analyze your customer portfolio development

Analyze your customer portfolio development

D&B Portfolio Manager gives you the opportunity to act on current information

  • Create more flexible credit management with ongoing monitoring of global customer changes.
  • Discover new opportunities for upselling and cross-selling by following developments in companies and group structures.
  • Avoid credit losses by predicting the company's total credit risk 12 months ahead.
Optimize risk with an overall view of customer accounts

Optimize risk with an overall view of customer accounts

D&B Portfolio Manager clarifies and simplifies continuous risk assessment

  • Create flexibility in your business and improve your credit policy by measuring and following up specific business sectors, regions or customer segments.
  • Optimize credit offerings by identifying customers with high-risk profiles, long average payment times, or late payments.
  • Quickly respond to changed conditions with an overview of risk spread globally and with custom alert signals.

The D&B Portfolio Manager tool is completely web-based. It gives you the flexibility and ability to monitor, analyze and manage your business transactions wherever you are.

With personal logins, employees can handle their part of the process and contribute to a clear overview of the current situation and changes in your customer portfolio. It provides a safe basis for the development and evaluation of strategies and policies as well as operational decisions regarding credit management.


You update the tool with information from your customer accounts whenever and how often you want. The information is matched with data from Dun & Bradstreet's global corporate database.

The D&B Portfolio Manager dashboard gives you the status of outstanding amounts aggregated for the entire customer base. You get a clear overview of the overall risk spread and the opportunity to look in-depth at individual accounts.


Risk analysis on customer segments

Assess risk and penetration of your customer base through different segmentation criteria: sector, legal structure, geographical location, size, and number of years in business. A risk analysis gives you a clear picture of how different markets relate to each other and where you may need extra focus on risk management.

Portfolio development and analysis

Review the results of your strategies for credit offering, reservations and requirements based on your own accounts receivables and custom fields. Combined with trend analysis, you can also anticipate developments ahead of time and predict credit losses and bankruptcy risks in the coming year.

You also get an overview of your total exposure and potential customer losses within a corporate group across one or more accounts receivables, departments or countries.


You get a clear overview of the overall risk spread and the ability to look closely at individual accounts.

Customized dashboards

You can create two dashboards with your own data fields combined with risk data from D&B to provide insight into, for example, customers exceeding the credit default insurance amount. This allows you to create custom reports for your specific needs.

Monitor and stay informed about changes in your portfolio through custom alert signals. You select the most appropriate events from a variety of data points like board membership changes, new financial statements, or payment defaults — and customize them to a company-specific rule. This allows you to track important changes in the portfolio and define different actions for specific events.

You can define up to 20 warning signals. They are saved for up to 24 months to enable you to reactivate or review old settings even if the rule is no longer active.

Data from Dun & Bradstreet can be updated monthly or daily. Customer accounts that get higher risk levels or have outstanding amounts above a defined value can be automatically placed on review. You can also choose to move accounts between monthly and daily monitoring at any time.

Through your database and the D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers (globally unique company IDs) given to each company by Dun & Bradstreet, business relationships can be mapped and clarified. This gives you insight into which groups you do business with and automatic updates of company acquisitions and mergers. Clarifying group structures not only gives you a clear picture of your risk exposure and risk allocation but also the opportunity to see cross-selling opportunities to companies within the same group.

Find out more about D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers

Dun & Bradstreet gives you the opportunity to verify and supplement your business information against a registry of 265 million companies that is updated from 30,000 sources. We match both automatically and manually for highest accuracy. You will have access to:

  • Your clients’ D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers
  • Up-to-date information about changes in the company
  • Decision-making data based on world-leading valuation models for rating and scoring
  • Knowledge about things such as global ownership structures, group affiliations and creditworthiness

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