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Taking decisions on the basis of facts

Taking decisions on the basis of facts

Bisnode Insights provides decision makers in finance, marketing and sales with comprehensive visual insights and metrics in the fields of data quality, risk, customer profile and geography for the comprehensive determination of their company’s position and for managing their businesses.

Bisnode Insights combines Bisnode's analytical skills with the global data base of more than 330 million company data in over 240 Dun & Bradstreet countries - linked via the unique D-U-N-S® number. The result is a revealing corporate image that is navigable.

Data quality is a holistic company topic

Data quality is a holistic company topic

Wrong data conveys a false reality. Lower data quality leads to high costs because it has to be recognised and cleaned up. In addition, measures must be taken to prevent faulty data records. Decisions taken on the basis of false data affect the company's results in a negative way. Bisnode Insights data quality analyses help you understand how strong and acute your need for action is. Experts predict an increase of 8-12% of operating profit when the data is accurate, complete, up-to-date and consistent.

In contrast to uncertainty, risk can be quantified and actively influenced

In contrast to uncertainty, risk can be quantified and actively influenced

The starting point for professional and efficient risk management is first of all the realisation and identification of risks. The risk analyses in Bisnode Insights highlight your credit risk from different perspectives. The comprehensive insights provide the basis for risk-optimised and cash-flow-efficient decisions.

Thus it is the duty of a company to gain a sound picture of its own customer base. Bisnode Insights customer profile analytics combine different viewing angles to detect unused potential.

It is crucial to know in which regions it is worth using resources. Bisnode Insights geographical analyses provide you with a geographic context for your resource allocation. In this way no distance is too long.

1. Matching and enhancement
First your data will be matched and enhanced with the up-to-date and versatile information of Bisnode.

2. Analysis
Analysing your data affects all aspects of your portfolio - data quality, risk, customer profile and geography. The entire competence of highly specialised experts from the Bisnode analysis department is thus available to you in one tool.

3. Preparation
The results of the analysis are conveniently and clearly prepared in an online platform. Your data is stored on strictly protected servers that are not connected to the online platform. So you get the highest security.

4. Workshop
In a workshop that takes place on site, the results are presented to you. In the subsequent discussion, possible measures are derived - and your questions will be answered.

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