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D&B Credit Advantage will be available in Switzerland from 01.09.2018

Get deeper insight on your accounts portfolio


Prioritize collections for strategic account management


Optimize cash flow and drive profitable growth

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We give you insights to make advanced credit risk analyses

Imagine being able to personalize your financial risk management solutions. D&B Credit Advantage affords you a clear and complete picture of your portfolio and customer relationships by matching, cleansing and appending D&B's best-in-class data to all of your accounts, allowing you to customize how you use our insights to perform advanced credit risk analyses.

"D&B Credit Advantage can help you take a more strategic approach to collections management"

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We give you a clear overview of your entire portfolio

With D&B Credit Advantage, your accounts receivable data is blended with D&B’s industry-leading credit scores and analytics to enable customized credit risk management. After importing your data into our solution, you’ll get a clear overview of your entire portfolio.

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Benefits with D&B Credit Advantage

In addition to all of the features of D&B Credit, with D&B Credit Advantage you’ll be able to combine your A/R data with D&B’s unrivalled predictive and performance-based credit scores and analytics to easily spot pockets of risk in your customer base. By seeing your data combined with D&B’s, you can take specific action unique to your business to prioritize collections, mitigate the potential of write-offs, and take advantage of areas of opportunity. Additionally, you can drill down to identify risk exposure by corporate family and display the risk in your portfolio by outstanding dollar and aging ranges.

D&B Credit Advantage leverages D&B’s proprietary diagnostic models to determine risk in the marketplace and calculate the predicted default rate for each account in your portfolio. That information - combined with your data on how accounts are paying you - helps you to benchmark and validate that your bad debt reserve is maximizing working capital. Become more efficient and collaborate with other departments. With D&B Credit Advantage, you’ll be able to provide sales opportunities for your business development and sales teams by identifying existing customers who represent a low credit risk but could have the propensity to buy more. And, corporate linkage reporting identifies your largest customer “families” so your team and sales can provide higher levels of service for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

D&B Credit Advantage can help you take a more strategic approach to collections management. After all, the longer accounts are past due, the less likely a company is able to collect in full. Use D&B Credit Advantage to not only to capture all your high-risk accounts, but also to see and follow up with your moderate and lower-risk customers–so you can collect faster and accelerate revenue.

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