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You receive the certificate in a printed version and also for online use as a banner

Information - the most important factor in our economy

Information - the most important factor in our economy

Knowing who our customers and suppliers are, what their payment behaviours look like and in which economic situation they are, are important decision-making criteria in a globalised economy.

Quality feature in the marketplace

Quality feature in the marketplace

Our customer discussions and customer surveys have repeatedly shown us that there is a desire to confirm the good creditworthiness of the own company and the stable economic situation.

The Rating Certificate is the quality badge for economy and stands for reliability and stability. Only two per cent of Swiss companies fulfil the conditions for the Rating Certificate - for example, your company must have already been rated by Bisnode in the best risk class for a year in order to obtain the certificate. This award confirms you as a trustworthy and attractive business partner, who has a stable business situation and a very good payment history. It demonstrates your ability to meet your economic obligations to customers and suppliers.

Your customers and suppliers recognise at a glance that you are a trusted and reliable business partner. This gives you the advantage of strengthening your market position and, in particular, your competitive position.

As the owner of a Rating Certificate, you can show the certificate as a document in your business premises, as well as use the electronic banner of the Rating Certificate for your website and emails.

  • Certificate: to represent the globally recognised D&B Risk Indicator.
  • JPG banner with D&B Risk Indicator for the own company website.
  • Name on the list of the top rated companies in Switzerland (www.top-rating.ch).
  • Notification in the event of a change to the D&B Risk Indicator within the contract period.

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