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Make sure your consumer data is always updated and correct


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Get access through an API directly

Bisnode consumer data now available through an API

Bisnode consumer data now available through an API

Real time updates of consumer data in all your business systems

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence provides you with access to unique Bisnode customer data. Integration with our API will ensure updated European customer data in all your business systems. That creates an opportunity to improve your sales process and customer experience throughout the customer journey. By combining our analyzed data with your existing customer data you can increase your understanding of your customers and the relevance in your communication at each stage of customer journey.



With Bisnode Consumer Intelligence you can:

  • Make sure all your customer data is always updated and correct.
  • Identify your customers and keep their information updated in your business systems even when data is stored in different systems that previously could not exchange data.
  • Get new insights by combining your own customer data with Bisnode analyzed consumer data.
  • Get access to extensive European consumer data through an API directly in your business systems through one partner - Bisnode.
Better data helps you sell more

Better data helps you sell more

With Bisnode high quality consumer data you will easily find new insights on your customers. With our analytical models you can for example identify potential purchasing windows.

Updated consumer data makes your marketing more relevant. Knowing more about your customers will help you personalize messages and increase the relevance of your communication.

Always accessible customer data gives you opportunity to simply recognize each customer in different channels and contribute to giving customers a personalized buying experience.

Consumer Search

Consumer Search integrated into your business systems makes it possible to find and validate consumer data in real time.
Through Consumer Search we can automatically search up and fill in customer data to simplify registering process for your customer, which provides a better customer experience in online purchase or in shops.

Consumer Monitor

With Consumer Monitor you can monitor your customer database on several parameters and directly get information on any change in data or status. For example, you can monitor individuals, entire customer databases or only customers with changes since last check.

With Consumer Monitor you get a unique identifier for each validated customer which you use as a key to retrieve the information you need when you need it.

Consumer Enrichment

With Consumer Enrichment you can not only get basic information such as name and address, but also analytical data such as purchasing power, life phase and educational level. This information gives you increased insights about your customers which makes it possible to be more relevant and precise in your communication throughout the entire customer life cycle.

Our API gives you access to our consumer and analytical data in real time. Read more about how to get started with Bisnode Consumer Intelligence on our our developer portal.

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