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Create strategic and operational marketing analyses


Combine your customer data with those of Bisnode and visualise them in an understandable way


Go easy on your IT resources with an external, scalable server/client architecture

Sustainably increase your return on marketing investment (ROMI)

Sustainably increase your return on marketing investment (ROMI)

Marketing and sales managers use the scalable marketing analytics suite "Bisnode Insights Expert" to combine their own customer data with structured Swiss company data from Bisnode with almost no IT efforts. The unique findings from the data exploration and combination form the basis for the successful control of the strategic and operative marketing process.

Intuitive operation and easy derivation of knowledge

Intuitive operation and easy derivation of knowledge

Bisnode Insights Expert is a modular marketing analytics suite, which bases on the leading and approved Swiss company database from Bisnode D&B. The combination with your and other external data sources creates tangible and automatable insights for your data-driven marketing.

The software is easy to use and supports marketing specialists in data exploration, inferring insights and measures and translating analysis results into concrete and accurate marketing campaigns.

  • Creating strategic and operational marketing analyses such as market analyses, segmentation analyses, sales channel analyses, up- and cross-sell analyses, RFM analyses, cluster analyses, customer value analyses, purchase affinity analyses, lookalike analyses or termination probability analyses.
  • Conducting geo-marketing (e.g. route simulations, geographic selections, spatial distribution).
  • Implementing analytical models (e.g. churn, lead scoring).
  • Enabling marketing automation (data exploration, data analyses, gaining insights, catalogue of measures, campaign design, operationalisation of campaign processes, “trigger-based” marketing processes).
  • Assuring marketing reporting with export options to PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Do you want to import data into your CRM? Bisnode Insights Expert makes it easy to upload data to or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can update data or add any selection from Bisnode Insights Expert via the Upload Wizard.

According to Dr. Thomas Redman (a true expert in the field of data management) accurate, complete, up-to-date and consistent data increase the operating profit by 8-12%.

Bisnode Insights Expert helps you solve data problems in a sustainable manner, so that the right analysis is the basis for your data-driven marketing. You can also export company data at any time and thus help your company with high data quality.

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