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Increase profitability by focusing on the customer experience


Develop your business by listening to the customer


Become a profitable company with a clear customer focus

Customer research in real time

Customer research in real time

Today’s businesses know exactly how important it is to put the customer’s experience in focus to build loyalty, increase profitability and boost business. The challenge is to find effective ways to collect, compile and interpret customer opinions and let them form the basis for change. Meeting this challenge requires an effective tool for customer research.

A company that knows what its customers think is better equipped to develop their work with customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction. But it doesn’t stop there. It is now possible to weave together customer opinions with information from your business systems such as cost developments for a specific business area, sales at a particular store or contact with a certain employee at a customer service center. CX work then becomes a strategic issue for the entire business and you become a company with the customer in focus.

With Bisnode Voice of the Customer, you find out what your customers think of your company — in real time — and can easily connect those insights with your own business data. This makes it possible to act quickly, ramp up efforts toward more and better-satisfied customers, and increase profitability. 

Develop your business and listen to your customers

Develop your business and listen to your customers

Become a profitable company with a clear customer focus

  • Increase profitability by collecting and analyzing your customer’s expectations, preferences and feedback.
  • Drive additional sales by strengthening customer relationships and increasing loyalty.
  • Identify new business opportunities by combining your business data with customer feedback.
  • Create even richer customer insights through quick surveys that transform unstructured textual data into insights that can be analyzed and acted on.
Stand up to the competition with actionable insights

Stand up to the competition with actionable insights

Develop customer relationships and build loyalty

  • Strengthen your competitiveness by listening to and meeting customer wishes.
  • Set your company apart from competitors by quickly acting on both negative and positive feedback.
  • Develop your CX work by systematically and regularly conducting customer surveys.
Strengthen your internal efforts to improve the customer experience

Strengthen your internal efforts to improve the customer experience

Actualize efforts with measurable targets for the entire organization

  • Drive sales processes forward by setting measurable goals for your employees.
  • Increase motivation among your employees by quickly conveying feedback after a customer encounter.
  • Develop your CX work by identifying trends and changes in customer feedback.

With automated customer surveys, you can quickly see how your customers experienced the meeting with you, regardless of whether it took place in a store, on the phone or online. The ability to integrate your information about the customer with Bisnode means that we can send out surveys at the same time the customer was in contact with you. This increases both relevance and response frequency.

How automated customer surveys work:

  • When a customer is in contact with you, the stored data on this customer is sent to Bisnode.
  • The customer is then sent a survey by text message, email or via a link.
  • The customer’s responses are sent back to Bisnode, and we compile the results into easily accessible online reports.

To develop your business, it is important to measure, analyze and follow up on results. In our online interface, you can collate information from your business systems, such as cost developments in different business units, with customer feedback broken down by customer segment, channel, location, team or employee. This gives you excellent opportunities to follow developments in depth and draw conclusions on the relationship between profitability and customer experience.

The tool is also designed to not only follow trends, but also set clear targets, direct efforts and develop the business with the customer experience in focus.

The online interface gives you access to:

  • Aggregated reports
  • Reporting per dimension (customer segment, channel, location, team, employees, etc.)
  • Trend reports
  • Customer Voice Index (for benchmarking)
  • Tailored reports/dashboards

Every year, we follow up on roughly 10 million customer encounters in connection with sales, online shopping, deliveries and customer service. This forms the basis for Bisnode Customer Voice Index, a key ratio for measuring customer satisfaction.

Sharing data on your customers gives you in return access to benchmark data and insights on how other companies in your sector work with the customer experience. This makes it easier for you to set measurable targets and also helps you gauge how far you have come in your work.

The customer experience is often directly related to an encounter with one of your employees, i.e. how the customer was treated during a call to the customer service center, at a store or during a delivery. We have developed a function, Automated Personnel Messaging and Rewards, that enables team leaders to identify good and less good customer experiences connected to an employee or group of employees. In Bisnode Voice of the Customer, you can give your employees direct feedback and develop reward systems that actively drive customer

Text analysis is a linguistic method that makes it possible to collect and compile what is said about your company in digital channels. Through machine learning, the text analysis is developed, refined and uniquely tailored to each customer. The linguistic method consists of these models:

  • Basic model that recognizes subjects and emotions by identifying words, language rules and predefined sentence structures, and understanding what they mean.
  • Channel model that recognizes subjects and how words and sentences are used in different channels.
  • Sector model that creates understanding based on a company’s line of business; the word “shipment”, for example, can mean one thing to an insurance company and a completely different thing to a retail business.
  • Customer model, which is unique to the company and which can be customized to understand the context of the company and its customers.

When you implement Bisnode Voice of the Customer, our management consultants and analysts can help you get started. You can get help identifying what dimensions of the customer experience you should measure, what questions you should ask your customers and how you should interpret the results. Based on these insights, you can then determine how you should develop your work with the customer experience, marketing and business processes. 

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