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With new, more comprehensive and ever-changing rules on the market, it is a challenge to identify and control risk effectively. But achieving compliance is not just about following government requirements. Doing business with the wrong counterpart can involve both financial risks and negative publicity.

You must meet legal requirements regarding the prevention of money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC) and tax rules while you are simultaneously driving growth, efficiency, and creating competitive advantages. Through our strategic partner Dun & Bradstreet, you will have access to global data and analyses to help you ensure compliance and at the same time be able to say yes to the right customers through full insight into the company’s business, key ratios and ownership structures.

D&B Onboard from Dun & Bradstreet lets you quickly and easily manage your controls with one tool.

Make sure that you comply with the law

Make sure that you comply with the law

Ensure your compliance with the help of quality data

  • Keep up to date with accessible information about corporate group structures, ownership structures and the people behind the company.
  • Make sure that you as a company are consistent in your compliance regardless of where your customers are.
  • Make safe business decisions through access to a comprehensive range of international sanction lists, ownership structures and searchable article archives.
Work effectively and securely with compliance

Work effectively and securely with compliance

Clear processes in the tool reduces the risk of mistakes

  • Simplify the work with a tool specifically designed to support work processes in compliance.
  • Adhere to the requirements for traceability by automatically archiving your completed checks and making them searchable.
  • Get a clear overview through the ability to within the system add, save and search for your own notes associated with the controls you have made.
Check who you are doing business with

Check who you are doing business with

Information on about 265 million companies worldwide gathered in one place

  • Reduce credit risk through in-depth information on operations and key numbers.
  • Get a clear picture of who you do business with and avoid negative surprises.
  • Get complete insight into the networks around your international business relationships through complete information about corporate group structures.

D&B Onboard includes an easy-to-use search tool that lets you identify companies worldwide. You can then enrich the data with information from within a number of key areas for compliance and verification, such as:

  • Basic Entity ID – provides a proper verification of the company.
  • Sanction Lists Check – checks both company and executives against sanction lists worldwide.
  • Country Risk Check – checks whether the country in which the company operates is sanctioned.
  • Stock Exchange – checks whether and where the company is listed.
  • Regulators Lists Check – checks whether the company is registered with the financial regulation authorities.
  • PEP – checks whether the executives are in a politically exposed position.
  • C-level Executive Check – matches executives against sanction lists.
  • Business Summary – provides the company’s status and legal form.
  • Credit Information – provides a corporate credit report.

  1. Begin by defining whether the purpose is to check a new customer or a supplier.
  2. Identify one or more counterparts, that is, the company or person you want to check; the service then presents compliance-related information from a variety of sources, such as sanction lists, media sources and PEP lists.
  3. Add notes about your own assessment such as categorizations and alert reminders.
  4. Each run is archived in the system by date and time and is fully traceable for the employees who handled the process, in time generating a portfolio of checks that can be monitored at specified intervals, thus ensuring and automating the department’s processes.
Optimierter Prozess

Of course you want to comply with laws, regulations and directives, both to assume your responsibility on the market and to be compliant. We have already seen that the sanctions against those who fail are tough. With new requirements in money laundering directives, the task will not be any easier. The biggest change in the directive means that the PEP (Politically Exposed Person) concept has been expanded. This means that work on identifying and managing politically exposed persons is increasing for all financial institutions and companies.

New legislation requires financial institutions and companies to check whether their customers are PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) or if they are included in sanctions for money laundering and terrorism. A PEP is considered by his or her position and influence to hold a position which poses a risk of being exploited, for example through bribery. It relates to people who have or have had an important public function, such as members or heads of government, or who hold management functions in international organizations. It is not forbidden to do business with PEPs or with their family members or known associates (RCA, Relative or Close Associates), but the law requires companies to know which customers are PEPs.

Sanction lists are lists from the EU or UN containing names of persons who are sanctioned due to links with terrorism. It is not permitted to do business with these persons.

Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we have solutions that ensure that you always make international business deals with relevant decision-making data and that the process to comply with the applicable regulatory framework is streamlined. By choosing the right customers and being aware of any obligations related to the business relationship, you create the prerequisites for achieving full customer knowledge.

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