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Analyze and manage your global supplier portfolio
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Improve your bargaining position with an eye on the supplier’s financial situation


Avoid supply disturbances with insight into the supplier’s risk profile


Keep up to date on changes through reliable information

Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

Full global overview of your suppliers

There are several reasons to keep a close eye on your suppliers. An insolvent supplier can cause downtime or delays, which is not only costly in the short term but can also harm your brand and affect your profitability in the longer term.

A clear overview of your engagement with different suppliers also gives you a better negotiating position. When you know how much you purchase from a global corporate group, and not just from each local supplier, you increase your ability to press prices and negotiate agreements. With global business information, you also get a better view of the risk status of the countries in which your suppliers are located.

Through Bisnode’s collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet, you will have access to the D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager, providing you with a comprehensive picture of your international supplier portfolio and ensuring that you plan your business based on up-to-date and relevant information.

Increased negotiation opportunities

Increased negotiation opportunities

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager clears up your bargaining position

  • Strengthen your bargaining position with insight into the financial strengths and weaknesses of your suppliers.
  • Identify the need for strategic measures through a clear view of purchases and untapped potential within supplier groups.
  • Advance your bargaining position with a clear picture of your purchasing volumes and costs at individual suppliers.
Optimize risk management in your global portfolio

Optimize risk management in your global portfolio

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager gives you verified company information

  • Get a clear overview of the risks in your supplier portfolio by linking your suppliers’ ledgers against Dun & Bradstreet’s global credit and risk information.
  • Avoid operational disruptions by identifying business-critical suppliers and potential bankruptcies in the supply chain.
  • Minimize the risk of unexpected events with a clear overview of your exposure to specific corporate groups.
Ensure access to up-to-date information

Ensure access to up-to-date information

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager monitors changes in your supplier portfolio

  • Act quickly with automated warnings about business-critical changes.
  • Make it easier to prioritize actions by dividing suppliers into groups of critical, normal and main suppliers.
  • Gain clear decision-making data by segmentation by region, industry, company form, size, company age and risk class.
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Allianz wants to ensure with their strategic purchasing and cost-saving mentality that they generate lasting value for the organization and its customers.

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The D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager is a web-based tool that can be used in all browsers. It gives you the flexibility to monitor, analyze and manage your suppliers from anywhere.

With personal logins, all employees can handle their own part of the process. This makes the tool a good basis for developing and evaluating purchasing strategies as well as managing supplier agreements.


D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager gives you a summary of which suppliers are at risk of failure to deliver. It lets you review the breakdown of costs per risk category and supplier type associated with the D&B Failure Score. This gives you the opportunity to plan your purchases based on the most appropriate suppliers and negotiate for better deals.

Supplier analysis

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager allows you to segment your supplier directory based on parameters such as industry, geographical location, size and age of the company. It gives you an understanding of in which areas you have your suppliers and thereby a clear view of whether this implies unnecessary business risks for you. You can also assess the reliability of a new supplier by looking at their Paydex Score.

Supplier relationships

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager helps you identify which suppliers are also your customers. It gives you an opportunity to customize communications and agreements based on specific situations and possible interdependencies. You can also see how much of the supplier’s sales you are responsible for. This helps you identify bargaining positions and potential risk relationships in your portfolio.


Supplier links

D&B Supplier Portfolio Manager enables you to identify corporate links between companies in your supplier portfolio, which gives a clear picture of your total expenses for a supplier group.


You can monitor and stay informed about changes in your supplier portfolio by using custom alert signals. You select the most appropriate events from a variety of data points — such as board membership changes, new financial statements and payment defaults — and tailor them to your needs. This allows you to track important changes in your portfolio and define actions for specific events.

You can define up to 20 alert signals that are saved for up to 24 months. This allows you to re-activate or review old settings even if the rule is no longer active.

Suppliers who are at high risk of bankruptcy or other deviation can be automatically placed on daily monitoring. You can also choose to manually move accounts between the different monitoring intervals at any time.

Using unique and global D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers, you can easily map out business relationships. This gives you control over which corporate groups you do business with and the size of your purchases. You also get automatic updates whenever a company is acquired. With a clear overview of corporate structures, you also get a picture of the total risk exposure and corporate group distribution.

Learn more about D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers

Dun & Bradstreet gives you the opportunity to verify and supplement your business data against a directory of 265 million companies that is updated from 30,000 sources. Data is matched both manually and automatically for highest accuracy, and will give you access to:

  • All your suppliers’ D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers
  • Up-to-date information about changes
  • Decision support based on world-leading valuation models for rating and scoring
  • Knowledge about, for example, global ownership structures, corporate group affiliation and creditworthiness
  • Credit reports on companies around the world

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