Automated risk management

Secure your business transactions with streamlined credit decisions
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Optimize your credit decisions with accurate information


Avoid credit losses thanks to continuous monitoring


Develop your business by ensuring regulatory compliance

Streamline risk management with automated decisions

Streamline risk management with automated decisions

Optimize risk and improve relations

  • Accept more customers with real-time decisions based on your credit policy.
  • Free up resources by delegating credit processes throughout your organization.
  • Make qualitative assessments thanks to consistently substantiated credit decisions.
Herausforderungen und Chancen

Challenges and opportunities

Great mobility and rapid changes are part of corporate life. New conditions can affect a company’s ability not only to fulfill its obligations but also to take advantage of new potential. All changes – from the very small to those that can have a fundamental impact on a business relationship – make their mark on a customer database. The challenge lies both in understanding the effects these changes have on your business and in being able to act on them in time, instead of reacting when it may already be too late. What could have a negative impact and what could lead to losses? Are there indications of fraudulent activity? And conversely, what changes could be positive and contribute to increased business? Because while changes can lead to increased risk, they can also mean all-new potential for your company. But only if you can act quickly and effectively.

Bisnode’s automated risk management allows you to monitor the situation and alerts you when something important happens so that you can easily and flexibly make the right decision in time. We also help you ensure that you are always doing business with the right customers and suppliers. This allows you to create flexibility in your management, optimize your risk and develop both your customer relationships and your business.

Get full control with continuous credit monitoring

Get full control with continuous credit monitoring

Make confident, informed and automated decisions

  • Avoid credit losses through early warning signals when changes occur.
  • Optimize risk through always relevant and up-to-date decision support.
  • Develop your business by creating flexibility in the credit process.
Secure your business deals by ensuring compliance

Secure your business deals by ensuring compliance

Reduce the risk of losses and increase opportunities for profit

  • Keep track of customers and suppliers through relevant PEP and sanctions screenings.
  • Ensure that you have reliable knowledge on customers through accurate information and integrated real-time screening.
  • Create conditions that ensure you can account for and trace decisions and hits with the help of our archiving procedure.

With Bisnode’s solutions, you know when something happens and when it is time to react. Because our credit monitoring is fully automated, you can be sure that you are always receiving up-to-date information. This not only simplifies your work — it also guarantees a unique precision in your decisions.

Bisnode provides data on:

  • Bankruptcies
  • Mergers and liquidations
  • Deregistered businesses
  • Payment remarks and debt balance
  • Rating changes
  • Payment index
  • Changes to company boards
  • New financial statements
  • Name changes
  • Address changes

With Bisnode’s solutions, you decide which customers and suppliers you want to monitor, and the automated monitoring process gives you regular reports and updates on those you have selected. Because monitoring is based on your credit policy, your decisions are not only effective, they are also accurate and relevant to your business. This eliminates the risk of you missing important and business-critical events.

You can opt to have the information delivered via an FTP or online service and choose whether it should be presented in a customer card or on an aggregate level. You can also opt to receive all events by email. Bisnode customizes the solution to what is optimal for your business and what will provide the most value to your company.


With Bisnode’s solutions, you can integrate risk decisions along with screening for PEP and hits on sanctions lists into your own systems. You can then identify your customers based on these parameters and check their credit rating in the same process. Screening and risk optimization thus not only becomes a natural part of your registration process for new customers, but can also be used for daily monitoring of your existing customer portfolio.



Bisnode has created solutions for fraud prevention to help you reduce the risk of accepting fraudsters posing as customers. We have been helping our clients identify previous credit losses and avoid future loss caused by fraud for many years, and call on this extensive experience to help you save money. Because repeating patterns are a central characteristic of many frauds, pattern recognition and network analysis are core components of our solutions. Through our dynamic set of regulations, you are warned about parties who may be worth investigating before initiating a business relationship with them. We identify high-risk companies and individuals by analyzing data such as behavioral patterns of companies and their directors.

Bisnode offers:

  • Assessment of new business relations based on fraud indicators
  • Identification of risk behavior in your current customer portfolio
  • Advice on risk, money laundering and fraud

If you do business with other countries, Bisnode can help ensure that you have relevant information to make the right decisions. Access to global data in your existing systems gives you an easy way to optimize your financial risks. With continuously updated and accurate information, you can increase efficiency and security in your decisions.

Through our cooperation with Dun & Bradstreet, we can offer you the D&B Data Integration Toolkit, which gives you the opportunity to automate your business processes. You receive global data integrated directly into your systems and applications, regardless of IT environment, giving you cost-effective access to the business information you need.


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