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Individuell zugeschnittene Informationen

Tailored information that reaches a potential customer at the right time has become increasingly important for marketing- and sales-intensive companies that strive to increase the conversion of their customers and prospects. Marketing automation has become an important and useful tool in the marketer's toolbox.

Many actors, especially in e-commerce, have embraced the principles for marketing automation and now work systematically with the digital trail that customers leave behind when online. But what many people forget is the potential that arises when linking the digital information about customers and their online shopping behaviour with information about the physical person behind the consumer.

With Bisnode's solutions, you can enhance your efforts in marketing automation by complementing and enriching your customer data with quality-assured data. This provides both a competitive advantage and new opportunities for growth and development.

Make more profitable business deals with the help of comprehensive information

Make more profitable business deals with the help of comprehensive information

Access to complete marketing, business and credit information

  • Get a complete view of the customer by combining your customer data with public data and analytical models.
  • Develop targeted offers with access to global business data and consumer data on people in Nordic countries.
  • Identify the right business clients with real-time updated credit information.
Improve conversion with more efficient marketing

Improve conversion with more efficient marketing

Knowledge about customers improves the marketing automation process

  • Develop your campaigning with relevant communication based on specific events (triggers).
  • Increase the likelihood of closing deals with offers tailored to the recipient's needs and buying patterns.
  • Accomplish better timing in the sales process through the analysis of the purchasing patterns of the target group.
Free up time by integrating your system with Bisnode’s APIs

Free up time by integrating your system with Bisnode’s APIs

Automated access to information in internal systems

  • Ensure that you always act on updated and verified data with automated monitoring routines.
  • Optimize access to information by integrating external data sources in a single application.
  • Streamline internal processes by integrating relevant data directly into your systems.

Bisnode has access to the most comprehensive business, marketing and credit information. We give you access to all the information you need about:

  • Businesses
  • Consumers

Find out more about enriching your data

Most companies today have access to large amounts of data, and it can be difficult to identify the right data points to find answers to the organization's business challenges. Bisnode analysts can help you extract more information from your data and supplement it with proper quality data to get a complete picture of your customers.

They can also act as process and business consultants, who help increase your company's commercial opportunities, reduce costs and ensure compliance when it comes to data management.

Bisnode consultants do analytical work for clients throughout Europe and have extensive experience in building analytical models based on specific business challenges. This allows you to lean on safe and quality-assured decisions.

Information is a perishable commodity. Every day conditions change because people move, change names, get married, die, emigrate, get protected identities or change phone numbers. Bisnode offers services where these changes can be used to create triggers in your marketing automation system.

Every day, companies go bankrupt, move, change their names and replace executives. Bisnode offers services in which all relevant changes are included in custom alerts that can be used to create triggers in your marketing automation system.

Using the data, you can find out what events precede a purchase of your products or services. It may be that someone buys a new house, becomes a parent or that a company raises external capital, opens a new branch or replaces its CEO.

It's about information that we at Bisnode can use to help you streamline and automate your marketing efforts. Using predictive analysis, we can identify which of your customers are most likely to make a purchase within a certain time period. This allows you to communicate with your customers when the need arises.

Find out more about Trigger Based Marketing

Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we can help you no matter where in the world your customers, suppliers and partners are.

Dun & Bradstreet gives you the ability to verify and complete your business information against a database of 265 million companies that is updated from 30,000 sources. You get access to:

  • D&B D-U-N-S® Number and registered company name
  • Updated information on addresses, phone numbers and decision-makers
  • Knowledge about duplicate and inactive companies
  • Knowledge about, for example, global ownership structures, corporate group affiliations and creditworthiness

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