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Decisive timing

Decisive timing

A constant challenge for all who work with communication and marketing is not only to reach the audience, but also to get the recipient to notice and take in the message. When the goal is to drive conversions and increase sales, the timing of a campaign is extremely important. Directing the offer to the customer in just the moment he or she is inclined to buy can be crucial for the deal.

Trigger-based marketing is a concept developed for marketers to be able to optimize their communication and sales activities. Bisnode's trigger-based marketing does just that. But our experience has shown that it is not the actual event-driven marketing that represents the challenge. The challenge is rather the management, implementation and insights that require everything from time and knowledge to technological solutions and access to relevant data. We therefore offer you a solution that ensures quality throughout the entire process of target audience selection, quality-assured data, implementation and monitoring. This way, you can reach customers at just the right time, enhance the impact and increase your ROI.

Identify events and increase your ROI

Identify events and increase your ROI

Ensure improved results through Bisnode’s trigger-based marketing

  • Increase profitability by reaching customers when they are ready to buy, i.e. during relevant events.
  • Campaigns achieve a greater effect since you get a higher return on your investments.
  • Be sure that you achieve the desired objective by continually receiving a response analysis from the campaign.
Strengthen your marketing through a complete and automated solution

Strengthen your marketing through a complete and automated solution

Quality assure the process with Bisnode’s trigger-based marketing

  • Increase accuracy thanks to event-driven marketing based on updated and high-quality data.
  • Focus your resources on what you do best and let Bisnode take responsibility for the entire process, from target selection, production, distribution and monitoring of the campaign.
  • Streamline your marketing and ensure quality with fully automated processes.

The basic idea of trigger-based marketing is that you can communicate with your customers and prospects at a time when interest in your offerings is the greatest. These occasions or events (triggers) are identified with help from up-to-date and qualitative data provided by Bisnode. For you to be able to optimize your work and achieve the greatest impact, we have developed a solution in which we take responsibility for all aspects of the marketing process. Since the communication is also automated, you achieve valuable resource efficiency and can feel confident that the implementation is true to your brand. Overall corporate guidelines and strategies are made to fit at the local level with relevant offers for each client. Mastering this type of marketing allows you to increase your ROI significantly compared to traditional marketing methods.

Bisnode's solution for trigger-based marketing includes steps such as the following:

Target group selection

We continuously identify the most interesting target audience for your business. Using a variety of selection variables, we can secure a relevant target audience.

Assured data quality

We continuously go through your data to ensure that it is correct and supplement it with data from Bisnode. Our database is constantly synchronized with official sources.

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