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Quality data in all your business systems
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Make confident decisions with up-to-date information in all business systems


Streamline data management with quality-assured information


Increase revenues by simplifying information gathering

Quality data in all business systems

Quality data in all business systems

Every day 16 trillion megabytes of data is produced. For individuals, society and the business sector, this huge amount of information is both a gold mine and a challenge.

One of the challenges is that the information is collected from a variety of sources. This opens the possibility that a company's various business systems and databases can contain different and sometimes conflicting information.

As most businesses are becoming more dependent on IT support and also use several parallel business systems, Master Data Management (MDM) has become an increasingly important concept. MDM is a method that ensures that all information in all connected systems is based on the same basic data.

Using Bisnode’s information solutions, you can develop your systems and processes for MDM. You get access to continuously updated quality data while ensuring that your linked business systems contain coherent information.

Ensure accurate information in all business systems

Ensure accurate information in all business systems

Permanent access to quality-assured and current data

  • Optimize business processes by securing access to the same basic information for all business units and systems.
  • Make confident business decisions with access to continuously up-to-date records.
  • Streamline your IT support with quality-assured and timely data.
Make smart decisions with access to accurate information

Make smart decisions with access to accurate information

Ongoing access to quality-assured market, business and credit information

  • Personalize the customer experience by accessing data that strengthens customer insight.
  • Increase accuracy and reach the right customers with personalized offers.
  • Optimize your customer management with constant access to up-to-date information.
Maximize the benefits of customer data with access to expert knowledge

Maximize the benefits of customer data with access to expert knowledge

Bisnode's business consultants provide analysis and advice

  • Develop your business with a deeper understanding of the activities and objectives based on data.
  • Increase competitiveness with access to decision-making data at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.
  • Optimize sales and marketing with new and more tools that let you use data in your decision support.

A company's customer base is constantly changing; new customers arrive, others leave. There’s an inherent risk that customer information is likely to vary between different records and over time. By gathering all essential information through Bisnode and using our solutions for Master Data Management, you always have a master file containing up-to-date and accurate data. This means that all business areas can be confident that their decision support is of high quality.

Bisnode collects, processes and refines data from hundreds of sources. You can choose to subscribe to regular updates and have files delivered to you, or link your business systems to our open API for automated updates.

Most companies today have access to huge amounts of data, but it can be difficult to identify the right data points that give answers to the organization's business challenges. Bisnode analysts can help you extract more information out of your data and supplement it with quality data to get a complete picture.

They can also act as process and business consultants to help increase a company's commercial opportunities, reduce costs and ensure compliance when it comes to data management.

Bisnode’s consultants perform analytical services for customers throughout Europe and have extensive experience in building analytical models based on specific business challenges. This allows you to lean on safe and quality-assured decision support.

Our APIs allow you to integrate high-quality information and analytical data from Bisnode with your own systems. They enable you to constantly keep the information in your business systems up-to-date. Bisnode’s APIs give you opportunities to automate information gathering in your daily work.


Through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we can provide data on a global level and deliver a dynamic picture of the companies you do business with — or want to do business with. Based on the world's largest company database, you get a clear picture of your company's customers, prospects and suppliers. Get insights on your global business relationships through broad and deep information about these companies and how they are connected to other companies through corporate ownership structures. You get access to business information for risk and credit decisions, and for your sales and marketing efforts.

Masters of Master Data

Bisnode and Dun & Bradstreet create high-quality business information by continuously collecting, improving and enriching data. Our data is of high quality, reliable and consistent. Through Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive DUNSRight™ process, we collect, aggregate, monitor and control data from thousands of sources daily, so you can use it to make profitable decisions for your company.

  • The world's largest corporate database with 250 million businesses
  • 5 million updates a day from 30,000 sources
  • State of the art evaluation models for rating and scoring


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