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Make smart choices with relevant knowledge on who you do business with


Create profitability by avoiding uncertainty and credit losses


Save time and money with information from all over the world in a single tool

Business-critical decisions

Business-critical decisions

Enterprise and entrepreneurship are core features of our society. By promoting labor and trade, they contribute to the greater good and enable relationships between people and countries. The number of companies is constantly on the rise. More and more people are thus becoming players in the hub of society, which leads to an increased number of companies to do business with and a greater range of options for each transaction. The challenge lies not only in verifying the status, conditions and health of each company, but also in understanding the individuals behind the company and their potential impact on it. More business decisions require greater speed in order to secure cost-efficiency and profitability. But this can result in decisions that are unsubstantiated, made with a higher degree of risk, and create uncertainty in the long-term strategy.

Bisnode’s company data gives you both historical and current information, enabling you to always track the companies you do business with or plan to do business with. This allows you to ensure informed decisions and reduced risk while continuing to be a contributing member of society.

Ensure smart business decisions

Ensure smart business decisions

Optimize risk and potential with company data from Bisnode

  • Analyze your business partners and nurture existing and new customers based on insights from critical business information.
  • Avoid credit losses and fraud by keeping track of your business partners’ history and activities.
  • Develop your business and create profitability by saying yes to the right customers and suppliers at the right time.
Streamline and maximize your data management

Streamline and maximize your data management

Simplify your decision-making processes with Bisnode’s tools

  • Save time with complete and relevant data from official sources collected in one place.
  • Make confident decisions with real-time updated and accurate business information.
  • Simplify management with user-friendly tools that can be fully integrated into your systems.
Create opportunities worldwide

Create opportunities worldwide

Gain access to international company data through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

  • Keep track of companies thanks to global mapping with D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers — unique IDs for individual business entities.
  • Optimize your risk with the help of credit reports on businesses worldwide.
  • Streamline management with information on 265 million businesses in the world’s largest company database.

Bisnode gives you all the relevant and business-critical information you need to make confident decisions. Through knowledge and control of who you do business with, you can avoid customers and suppliers that risk not being able to pay or deliver, or who are about to go bankrupt. You can also ensure that you are signing agreements with authorized signatories and that the company’s representatives or board members have a credible history. Access to information and circumstances allow you to make informed decisions that support your long-term strategy and operations.

In Bisnode’s company database, you will find access to data such as:

  • All information on Swiss and international companies
  • All available information on the company’s representatives and decision-makers
  • The company’s operations, purpose and NACE code
  • Contact information
  • Officials, signatories and board members’ past and current assignments
  • Corporate group information
  • Ownership of legal persons, 15% and up
  • Registration for VAT
  • Credit checks and credit reports
  • Payment defaults and debt balance
  • Warning lists – if the company is listed in any legal contexts or has any audit reservations
  • Selection of target groups to find new customers
  • Analysis of market and competitors
  • Financial statements, key ratios and analyses of where the company is headed
  • Tailored reports customized to your needs
  • Monitoring of companies and officials with notifications of changes

Bisnode gives you detailed information on Swiss companies, their type of enterprise, as well as the 2.6 million people connected to these. You get access to all data in a user-friendly tool with a clear overview and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the information that is relevant to you. We collect all information and ensure that it is always current through real-time updates.

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