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Develop your business with accurate and current facts about customers


Improve sales and marketing efforts with accurate data


Optimize your employees’ time with up-to-date customer information

Decision-making data is perishable

Decision-making data is perishable

Up to 40 percent of the average customer database consists of inaccurate information. This could mean that your sales representatives are using old phone numbers or trying to reach out to people who have changed positions or workplaces, or it could mean that your finance department is sending invoices to the wrong addresses. Studies show that 20 percent of a salesperson’s time is spent on finding the right information to be able to create new leads. Simply put, accurate and current customer data speeds up the sales process.

Bisnode’s solutions ensure that your CRM system is updated and doesn’t have any duplicates and that it contains complete information from across the globe. This allows your employees to focus on the right things and make the right decisions.

Verify customer data with trustworthy sources

Verify customer data with trustworthy sources

Accurate data on both companies and consumers

  • Minimize risks by easily checking ability to pay and payment defaults of an existing or new customer.
  • Ensure that you have accurate data through complete background checks of new suppliers and customers.
  • Make sure you take actions that are based on current data on customers, suppliers and partners.
Don’t let outdated data affect your brand

Don’t let outdated data affect your brand

Current data protects your branding

  • Ensure that your telemarketing team has correct names for the people they contact.
  • Minimize the risk of your marketing department sending out duplicates.
  • Minimize the risk of including people who no longer work for the company or have changed roles in email campaigns.
  • Avoid reaching out to inactive companies or deceased people.
Save time and streamline your working processes

Save time and streamline your working processes

Access to reliable information for all business functions, wherever they are

  • Automate updates of invoice addresses so your finance department avoids sending invoices to the wrong addresses.
  • Optimize salespeople’s time by making sure they always have access to the right information across the globe.
  • Improve accuracy for campaigns with accurate data from the world’s largest database, thanks to our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet.

To have constant access to the latest data in your ERP systems, your customer database needs to be regularly updated. As a client of Bisnode, you can choose the delivery method and timing of updates depending on what suits you best.

You will have access to the data both through a web interface and through an app in your phone. You can also have it delivered as a file that you upload into your customer directory or integrate the data directly into your systems using an API solution.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011-2016
Partnership with Dun & Bradstreet

We have operations throughout Europe, and through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, we can help you regardless of where in the world your customers, suppliers and partners are.

Dun & Bradstreet gives you the opportunity to enrich your business data and ensure accuracy using a database with 250 million companies that is updated from 30,000 sources. We match the data using automatic systems combined with manual adjustments to achieve the highest accuracy. You will have access to:

  • D&B D-U-N-S® Number and registered company names
  • Updated addresses, phone numbers and contacts
  • Knowledge of duplicates and inactive companies
  • Knowledge about owner structures, corporate group affiliation, credit rating and more


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