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Increase your potential for add-on sales with a clear overview of your customer base


Boost competitiveness by identifying your share of a customer’s business


Streamline your business processes using smart analytics

Cultivate your customers

Cultivate your customers

It is a proven fact that it costs more to find a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. That is why it is important to understand both which your best customers are today, and which have the potential to spend more and become your best customers tomorrow. In other words, where is the potential to obtain a greater share of a customer's spending or "share of wallet".

For many businesses, getting a clear picture of the potential in your customer base is a challenge. You know how much your customers buy from you, but in order to correctly interpret the situation you need information on the market, how much customers purchase in total and how much customers buy from different suppliers.

Bisnode's share of wallet (SOW) analysis enables you to identify your most loyal customers and customers where you have the greatest untapped potential.

Increase growth by successfully nurturing your customers

Increase growth by successfully nurturing your customers

Prioritize your sales and marketing activities more effectively

  • Discover untapped sales opportunities by keeping track of your share of a customer's total buying potential.
  • Allocate the right resources by segmenting customers based on actual buying and buying potential.
  • Simplify the process of creating revenue forecasts by tracking the potential in your customer base.
Prioritize customers with potential

Prioritize customers with potential

Build loyalty by identifying your share of a customer’s spending

  • Nurture relationships and adapt your level of service for loyal customers where you have a high share of wallet.
  • Identify customers with a high potential for development in order to understand their needs.
  • Customize campaigns by distinguishing customers' actual purchases from your share of their total purchases.
Develop a growth strategy with data-driven analysis

Develop a growth strategy with data-driven analysis

Connect your own information on customers with quality data

  • Increase your share of strategic business deals with relevant decision support based on accurate quality data from Bisnode.
  • Get customized analysis models using a combination of internal and external data.
  • Create effective strategies based on your own analytics or with the support of Bisnode's analytics experts.

With rich decision support, you can be sure that you are making well-informed and confident decisions. Combine your own information on your customers with Bisnode's high-quality data to create effective analysis models based on your unique business challenges.

A share-of-wallet analysis is always unique and based on your company's own market conditions and the potential in your customer portfolio. Combining your own data on your customers and their transactions with quality-assured external data is the key to successful business development.

Bisnode conducts ongoing analyses for clients throughout Europe and we have extensive experience developing analysis models based on specific business challenges. We have been collecting and processing data since the 1800s and have been conducting predicative analyses since the 1960s. Bisnode employs 300 analysts, who continuously verify and audit data from hundreds of different sources. This ensures the decision support you receive is always reliable and accurate.

Our analysts can help you identify what data you need and process and interpret it to ensure you get the answers you need to your specific questions.

Your customer base is constantly changing as new customers come in and others leave. Customers' contact details also change from time to time — and so do their needs. All of this means that the information in your systems needs to be updated continuously to avoid inaccuracies that could lead to the wrong decisions.

You can choose to subscribe to regular updates, have files sent to you or link your systems to ours for integrated updates of, for example, your CRM tools or ERP systems.

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