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Increase revenue with trigger-based marketing and sales
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Streamline the lead process with trigger-based marketing


Improve conversion rates by contacting customers at the right time


Boost profitability through insights on the customer’s next purchase

Predict your customer’s next purchase

Predict your customer’s next purchase

All companies know that their offering needs to be targeted to one or more well-defined groups. The problem is that the traditional target group variables are no longer sufficiently accurate. Age, gender, address and income do not say enough about an individual’s needs and preferences. The same applies to companies: sector, number of employees and last year’s results do not provide adequate information on what a company’s needs are right now.

Providing your sales organization with qualitative leads is a challenge. Sales representatives, in turn, face the daunting task of identifying the potential in each lead while still nurturing existing customers so that they buy more. Predictive analytics of the events (triggers) that precede a purchase from your company lets you know what your target group will buy and when they will buy it. This enables you to present relevant offers at the right time – and ahead of your competitors.

Our predictive analyses are based not only on historical customer data. We compile data from many different sources according to the variables that matter most to your business. Once we have identified the significant triggers for your business, it is possible to predict the likelihood of customers buying a certain product or service within a specific period of time.

Predictive analytics helps you develop business strategies and tactical and operative processes for smarter business.

Maximize accuracy in your prospecting

Maximize accuracy in your prospecting

Predictive analysis predicts your customer’s next purchase

  • Pinpoint when a customer has a need for your products and services.
  • Develop your campaigns by segmenting customers based on specific events (triggers).
  • Optimize business development by calculating the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.
Increase conversion rates with effective lead processes

Increase conversion rates with effective lead processes

Trigger-based marketing enables automation

  • Increase your marketing department’s ROI with more relevant communication to customers.
  • Create relevant and profitable marketing campaigns with a better understanding of the needs of the recipients.
  • Increase stability in your sales and marketing activities with automated marketing.
Boost sales with the right timing

Boost sales with the right timing

Identify customer needs through triggers

  • Improve timing in the sales process by understanding what events lead to purchasing needs.
  • Increase the likelihood of making a sale by personalizing offers to the customer.
  • Create relevant campaigns adapted to the customer’s buying window.

Data can be analyzed for any number of reasons, and it is not uncommon for organizations to have different levels of maturity in how they handle their data. Predictive analytics represents the third of four steps in the analytics maturity model. In the first step, called reactive or descriptive analytics, the focus is on understanding what has happened. The next step, proactive or diagnostic analytics, looks for answers to why something has happened. After this, you are ready for predictive analytics – predicting what will happen next. In the final step, prescriptive analytics, you will be able to (at least in theory) use these analytics to determine what decisions you should make to achieve the desired results.

We can also analyze what events trigger the need for your products and services, and determine the order in which products will be purchased and at what time intervals. Predictive analytics helps you develop strategies and tactical and operative processes to leverage your opportunities on the market.

The ability to combine internal, proprietary data on customers and transactions with reliable and quality-assured external data is the key to successful business development. Bisnode conducts ongoing analyses for clients throughout Europe and has extensive experience developing analysis models based on specific business challenges.

Bisnode has been collecting and processing data since the 1800s and has been conducting predictive analyses since the 1960s. At Bisnode, 300 analysts work to continuously verify and ensure the quality of data from hundreds of different sources. This means that you can always be sure the decision support you receive is reliable and accurate.

Your customer base is constantly changing. New customers come in and others leave, which means your customer profiles may change from one day to the next. It is essential that the decisions you make are always based on accurate and up-to-date information.

You can choose to subscribe to regular updates and have files sent to or link your systems to ours for integrated updates of, for example, your CRM tools or ERP systems.

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