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Understanding creates opportunities

For a business to be successful, it must always be relevant to its customers and prospects. This requires a deep understanding of who they are and what purchasing power and behaviors they have.  Relevant information and the ability to analyze this information therefore become key prerequisites for a competitive business. The ability to regularly identify any changes in customer profiles creates flexibility and opportunities for growth on a fluctuating market.

Relevant customer insight makes it possible not only to develop targeted offers, but also to customize your communication. This allows companies to develop their relationships with customers, optimize sales and marketing activities, and increase revenue.

Bisnode’s prospecting solutions help you identify your target audiences and understand them in depth. With extensive experience and well-proven methods, we analyze your customer data and combine it with potential and insights from Bisnode’s vast data sources. This gives you valuable and business-critical knowledge about your customers and the answers you need to target the right customers and make successful business deals.

Create new opportunities

Create new opportunities

Increase accuracy with insightful analysis and relevant data

  • Pinpoint your optimal target audience using analyzed data.
  • Get valuable information on likely buyers with our proven analytical models.
  • Make accurate forecasts through access to business-critical data.
Develop your business

Develop your business

Maximize your marketing with valuable insight

  • Target the right offers to the right customers through insights into customer interests and behaviors.
  • Boost profitability and streamline resource utilization by keeping track of the customers with the greatest potential.

Bisnode’s target group analysis gives you an understanding of who your customers are, what target groups your company is successful in and what your market shares are in each of these groups. These insights give you the potential for new business by helping you determine where you can find “twins”, i.e. prospective customers similar to your existing customers. By continuously receiving updates when changes occur, you can ensure that you always have a clear overview of your target group profiles and are communicating relevantly with the right prospects.

Bisnode’s scoring gives you valuable and detailed information about a select group of customers. We conduct an in-depth analysis and construct an analytical model based on the customers who like you today, with the aim of identifying those who will like you tomorrow. You also get answers on who you do not need to prioritize in the same way in the future. Based on your customer directory, we build a unique model for your company that analyzes your customer data and rates individuals based on the likelihood that they will become customers, buy more, buy more frequently or defect. This gives you a valuable tool not only for additional sales to existing customers but also for new sales, since scoring can also be applied to people who are not currently your customers.

In order to increase revenue from existing customers, it is crucial to understand what percentage of their total purchases they make from your company. This provides a clear indication of the potential that exists, which can be used in the development of effective business strategies. Bisnode supplements your information with data on the market, how much your customers buy overall and how these purchases are distributed among different suppliers to give you an understanding of how much they could potentially spend with you. With this information, you can prioritize the right initiatives and offers and nurture loyal customer relationships. This gives you the tools to target the right customers and generate growth.

To expand opportunities to reach select customers, we offer solutions in account-based marketing through our wholly owned company Vendemore. With the aim of creating long-lasting relationships and business at strategic accounts, this solution combines the opportunity to reach the right decision-makers with the potential in digital interfaces. Using IP-based advertising, you communicate to a customer or potential partner when they make the choice to go online and actively search for information. By personalizing your offer and message to specific customers, your sales and marketing activities become more relevant and interesting, thereby creating the conditions for increased revenue.


Running a successful business is no longer only about making forecasts based on historical developments. Companies today need to predict what consumers will want tomorrow. The ability to interpret information flows and detect breaking trends and changed consumer behaviors can be crucial to your business. Bisnode’s solution helps you identify which data is business-critical for you and how you can match it to further increase the accuracy of your forecasts. Combining this data with your existing data gives you comprehensive decision support and the opportunities to secure and increase profitability.

Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet gives you the ability to identify potential customers worldwide. With access to the world’s largest corporate database, with 265 million businesses from 30,000 sources, we give you the tools to hit your target on an international market. Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet gives you the opportunity to conduct targeted marketing campaigns, build prospect databases and identify potential in market segments in one or more countries. All business entities in the Dun & Bradstreet database are designated a unique D&B D-U-N-S® Number, which makes it possible to access structured data and information on how the world’s businesses are interconnected. By focusing resources on the customers with the greatest potential, you can optimize your sales and marketing activities.


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