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Design smart strategies using customized analytics and key figures


Optimize your marketing through the ability to personalize offers


Develop your business with the help of relevant segmentation models

Insight for increased marketing potential

Insight for increased marketing potential

A fundamental prerequisite for a successful business is the ability to understand your customers, their behaviors and their needs. In our rapidly changing world, this may seem like a more difficult task than ever before, but being able to build strategies based on valuable insight on your market and customers is now business-critical for any organization. By identifying where the potential is, among both existing and prospective customers, you can focus resources in the right place, design targeted offers, optimize your marketing and reach those customers with the greatest purchasing power and potential through relevant channels.

Bisnode helps you analyze customers and prospects throughout the entire customer lifecycle. With increased understanding of the market and your existing customers, we identify relevant segments to help you reach out to new customers. This enables you to generate growth and increase profitability.

Identify potential for expanded opportunities

Identify potential for expanded opportunities

Develop your business on your terms

  • Precisely define target audiences with the help of smart selection tools and experienced analysts.
  • Streamline your business through relevantly designed segmentation.
  • Increase customer value with operationally useful segmentation models.
Focus and maximize your marketing

Focus and maximize your marketing

Increase accuracy with relevant data

  • Effectively cultivate the right customer relationships with analyses and smart combinations of your data and Bisnode’s data.
  • Create opportunities for reaching out to potential customers by defining your segments at the individual level.
  • Streamline your resources and marketing by focusing on specific customer groups, such as those with the greatest purchasing power and propensity to buy.

Segmentation can be based on any number of parameters, such as needs, values, attitudes, behavior or demographics. Depending on your objective, how you plan to use segmentation and what your customer data looks like, we create models tailored to your unique needs and situation. Whether your aim is to retain existing customers or attract new, develop your offer or build long-lasting loyalty, Bisnode provides a customized analysis. This gives you a deeper understanding of your customers based on the parameters that are relevant to you and also ensures that you have the tools to both develop and implement strategies.

Segmentation makes it easier for you to identify your best customers, which customers show potential, which you should work to retain, and which are not profitable. This gives you a tool for building up your customer database and prioritizing among your customers. It also helps you identify levels and criteria for classifying them, such as into groups of “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” customers. This enables you to optimize and streamline your sales and marketing activities by reaching out to your customers and prospects with relevant offers and actions.

Even if you have some knowledge and understanding of your customers, sometimes you need to know more. By asking specific questions in a well-structured market survey, you can make business decisions based on valuable insight from the respondents’ answers. This enables you to boost the quality of your company’s offering, reduce costs and increase sales.

Bisnode customizes online surveys to give you answers to questions such as:

  • What did your customers think about the product you delivered?
  • Are your customers happy with your customer service?
  • How has the level of customer satisfaction developed over time?
  • What products do your customers want to see in your online store?
  • How do your customers view your company in relation to competitors?
  • Do your customers have any requests concerning your products?
  • A well-executed survey gives you good decision support for meeting all conceivable customer needs in the future.

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Our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet helps you discover business potential in your global market segment, conduct targeted marketing campaigns and build prospect databases on an international market. With continuously updated information from the world’s largest corporate database, with 265 million businesses from 30,000 sources, you have the data you need to make well-founded business decisions. All business entities in the database are designated a unique D&B D-U-N-S® Number, which makes it possible to access structured data and information on how the world’s businesses are interconnected. This helps you identify opportunities for sales to prospective customers in the same corporate group as your existing customers and to focus sales resources on those with the greatest potential.


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