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Effective customer relationship management

Effective customer relationship management

A company's CRM system is often the information hub for several of the organization's business areas, which when updated and quality assured opens possibilities. A CRM containing the right information enables companies to estimate future revenue streams and converted leads, identify the channels that contribute to the most business and additional sales opportunities, and ensure that all customer relations are managed in the best way.

Surveys show that 20 percent of a salesperson's time is spent searching for the right information about leads and customers. This means that one of the most common challenges for businesses is that the information is perceived as unreliable and dated to the extent that employees stop entering information about sales calls, sales meetings, new contacts and follow-up of leads.

Bisnode delivers quality-assured data from about a hundred different sources and can ensure that your CRM always contains up-to-date and accurate information. This means that your organization can get full control of your customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. With the help of our analytical services, you can also ensure that you get maximum return on the information in your customer database.

RentaIncrease profitability with a more efficient use of your CRM systemilitätssteigerung durch effizientere Nutzung Ihres CRM-Systems

Increase profitability with a more efficient use of your CRM system

Utilize the full potential of your customer database

  • Eliminate unnecessary costs and avoid returns with updated addresses of your customers and prospects.
  • Free up sales time by minimizing manual information gathering and contact information handling.
  • Achieve greater analysis and segmentation accuracy in sales thanks to access to data.
Strengthen your business with more information about customers

Strengthen your business with more information about customers

Increased awareness leads to better customer relations

  • Ensure complete and accurate information in your CRM with the help of Bisnode's quality-assured consumer and company information.
  • Make wise decisions with access to continually updated customer data.
  • Simplify lead processing and develop your business deals thanks to the potential of relevant and enriched customer profiles.
Get business development support through customized analysis

Get business development support through customized analysis

Bisnode's experienced analysts and business consultants support you all the way

  • Consultation with Bisnode analysts helps you understand the variables that are commercially attractive additions to your existing customer information.
  • Identify action points based on your unique business challenges and opportunities.
  • Optimize your customer management with analysis of both structured and unstructured data.

Durch Zusammenführung Ihrer eigenen Kundendaten mit den qualitätsgesicherten Daten von Bisnode können Sie ermitteln, welche Variablen in Ihrem Geschäft einen Einfluss auf Kunden und Interessenten haben. Mit korrekten Entscheidungsgrundlagen können Sie leichter kluge strategische Geschäftsentscheidungen treffen.

Sie erhalten zum Beispiel Zugriff auf folgende Daten:

  • Unternehmen – Kontaktdaten, Unternehmensinformationen, Kreditauskünfte, Zeichnungsberechtigter
  • Verbraucher – Kontaktdaten, vollständiger Name, geschäftliche Beteiligung, Vorstandstätigkeiten

Bisnode offers a variety of solutions for you to be able to manage your customer database and your CRM regardless of whether you sell to consumers or to businesses. Some of the solutions Bisnode offers are:

  • File-based data management solutions
  • Integrations and APIs linked to your internal systems
  • Complete connections for business data on the market's largest CRM systems:
    - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011–2016

Bisnode's experienced team conducts analyses to enable you to both work smarter with existing customers and expand your business. They also make it possible for you to find new profitable customers to cultivate. In the analyses, we combine your customer data with Bisnode's quality data, which means that your business challenges are the starting point for finding the right solution for your company. We perform a number of analytical services, including:

Profile analysis

Profile analysis gives you information on what your customers look like, in which target groups your company has the most success and your overall market share among these customers. This knowledge will enable you to find new prospects similar to your existing customers, known as twins. By identifying changes, you can constantly ensure that you are communicating with the right customers at the right time.

Predictive analysis

A predictive analysis anticipates an event, often consisting of one person entering into a new buying pattern. It can, for example, be a person who buys a car or moves. Having access to these insights allows you to cultivate the right people at the right time, thereby increasing the accuracy of your direct marketing.

Other analytical services

Bisnode's analytical services are very extensive and include many areas. For you to achieve your business goals, we offer customized analyses, workshops, studies and reports. It is also possible to contract one of Bisnode's analysts for specific assignments.

These are examples of other analytical services:

  • Customer feedback insights (CFI) measurement
  • Scoring analysis
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Market basket analysis

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