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Develop and optimize your business opportunities by saying yes to more customers


Improve the customer experience through a streamlined and dedicated decision-making process

Should risk always be avoided?

Should risk always be avoided?

Many companies see risk as something entirely negative. With that attitude business opportunities are often missed. The same attitude often means that companies centralize their credit decisions to one or a few people. By instead focusing on optimizing the risk, additional and developed business opportunities are created.

With well-informed decisions based on clearly defined parameters, credit decisions are streamlined and can be made by more people. When processing time is reduced by up to 90 percent, there is room to say yes to a larger number of customers. So the answer is no, risk should not always be avoided. Risk should instead be evaluated and optimized. Bisnode's decision support system gives you knowledge and an eye on corporate and consumer credit rating in Switzerland.

The time effect

Let us do a simple calculation; if a company conducts 15,000 manual credit checks per year, it takes about 2,500 hours (10 minutes each). If the same company instead makes automated decisions with an automatic approval rate of 80 percent, savings amount to at least 2,000 hours or CHF 115,000.

Maximize business with the right credit decisions

Maximize business with the right credit decisions

Feel safe with automated solutions

  • Accept more customers and increase profitability through informed credit decisions.
  • Be sure that the right decisions are made, thanks to continuous updates.
  • Get valuable data for analysis as the information and decisions are archived.
Streamline and simplify the credit process

Streamline and simplify the credit process

Free up time and resources in the organization

  • Make credit assessments of routine matters in real time and improve both customer management and the customer experience.
  • Ensure qualitative assessments thanks to consistent credit decisions.
  • Delegate decisions in the organization, thereby freeing up resources in your credit department.
Optimize decisions based on your needs

Optimize decisions based on your needs

Ensure a credit management system on your terms

  • Get a customized solution based on your existing credit policy or get a standardized decision template.
  • Integrate Bisnode’s solution with your systems and thereby manage credit decisions using your own interface.
  • Be sure that all credit assessments are consistent and uniform, regardless of by whom and where they are made.

Our solutions can be tailored and adapted to your specific requirements. Based on your existing credit policy, we produce coherent and consistent decision rules for credit assessment. Thanks to Bisnode’s API services, solutions can be integrated into your own systems. By managing credit decisions in your own interface, the decisions become a natural part of your credit management.

Bisnode’s solutions can be tailored to adapt decision rules to a company's credit policy. Your credit rating is integrated with Bisnode's credit rating models for companies, scoring for individuals, your own credit policy, information from your ledgers and data from the credit applicant. Based on this information, we create unique credit approval rules for your company. These rules can be adapted and adjusted along with specialists from Bisnode, if for example conditions or objectives of the business change.


Die Bonitätsbewertungsmodelle von Bisnode ermöglichen kalkulierte, unvoreingenommene und prompte Entscheidungen über Risiken. Anhand der Bewertung und des empfohlenen Kreditlimits sehen Sie, wann Sie von Kunden eine Vorauszahlung verlangen sollten und wann eine Begrenzung des Kreditbetrags angezeigt ist bzw. dieser erhöht werden kann. Das Kredit-Rating misst das Risiko von Zahlungsunfähigkeit und Konkurs und wird anhand einer Kombination von Daten festgestellt, die durch die Analysen von Bisnode statistisch abgesichert sind. Bei Unternehmen zum Beispiel sind die Kennzahlen aus dem Geschäftsbericht relevant, um das Kredit-Rating des Unternehmens zu ermitteln.

In order to detect fraudsters and prevent them from becoming part of the customer portfolio, we have developed solutions for fraud prevention. Bisnode has many years of experience identifying previous credit losses and avoiding future loss caused by fraud. This way your company can save CHF millions per year and you can ensure that you know who you are doing business with.

Bisnode’s solutions to avoid fraud are based in part on pattern recognition and network analysis. Bisnode analyzes bankruptcies to identify companies and board members with high risk. Frauds often follow repeating patterns. Through our dynamic regulatory systems, you will be warned of those who may pose a risk and therefore should be investigated before a business relationship is initiated.

Bisnode offers:

  • Assessment of new business relations on the basis of fraud indicators
  • Identification of risk behavior in your current customer portfolio
  • Advice on risk, money laundering and fraud


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