Optimize your credit policy

Create profitability through effective risk assessment
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Increase cash flow by reducing the credit period


Create cost efficiency through delegated decision


Streamline the credit process with early warning signs

Say yes to more customers

Say yes to more customers

An increasingly changing world leads to changed conditions for companies. Continuing to create profitability requires the ability to more frequently make faster and more effective decisions. Yet trying to do this without a good risk management can contribute to uncertainty, credit losses and reduced cash flow.

Managing and consciously controlling risks increases the business opportunities with potential customers that companies might otherwise have opted out. A clear and well-anchored credit policy provides applicable guidelines and the flexibility to offer the right terms to the right customer. By saying yes to more customers, the business can develop and grow.

Maximize your business with a credit policy

Maximize your business with a credit policy

Ensure profitability with relevant information

  • Safeguard your credit handling by creating structure and clarity in your credit handling.
  • Increase cash flow and avoid losses with optimized risk.
  • Streamline decision-making and reduce costs by delegating the credit process within the company.
Develop your business with an updated credit management system

Develop your business with an updated credit management system

Make confident decisions with accurate decision support

  • Optimize credit decisions based on your customers' specific capabilities and your different market conditions through flexible management.
  • Ensure target achievement and adaptation to global developments with continuous development of your credit policies.
  • Create security by staying consistent with prevailing credit regulations.

To ensure that you continually have the conditions to make conscious decisions and streamline risk management, we have developed a process to produce credit policies. Regardless of where your business is located, we can find solutions that will help you optimize and customize your credit to your business goals.

Situation analysis

Bisnode identifies your starting position, which provides valuable input to your objectives and desired future situation.

Risk assessment

We determine the risk levels for your company overall, but also break them down according to different variables such as customer category, offer and age groups.

Decision support

Bisnode develops credit guidelines and implements relevant regulations both for granting credit to new customers and for how reevaluation of existing engagements should be handled.


Bisnode offers solutions for continuous follow-up. We recommend that you continuously follow up your customers’ credit risks and profitability in order to develop and adjust your policy based on new customer groups and market changes.

In our customized solutions, we combine Bisnode’s data and analytical skills with your history and experience. By adapting the credit instructions based on how your customers behave, we can optimize lending and help you approve more customers at the same or lower risk.

Our standardized solutions are based on Bisnode's experience from different types of markets, sectors and customer types. Based on this knowledge and through our models, you can create a credit policy. Bisnode will help you establish it, train your staff and ensure that the policy is built into a system support. This gives you all the preconditions not only to get clear credit guidelines but also to ensure that they are followed.

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