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On the database of Swiss companies and persons that is you will find daily updated business register information, credit information and much more on Swiss companies, and you will learn more about managers networking.
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On Monetas you will experience what drives the Swiss economy: business register notifications, start-ups, bankrupticies, changes in directors and managers and much more. offes you the following:

Credit check

Protect yourself against defaulted payments

Not every company delivers what it promises. With monetas you have access to a service for in-depth online business information, allowing you to protect yourself against financial default fare.


Keep an eye on your business partners

With the monitoring system offered by monetas you can always remain up to date. If we notice any change with a company, you will receive a notification of it in your mailbox on the same day.

Company data and business register

Look behind the facades

In addition to public information, you will also receive initial information on payment practices, history, company structure and finances as well as the networking of the responsible persons.

Persons and network

Know who is connected where

Discover the strategic links and personal connections of Swiss companies and those with signature authority with the help of an animated network representation.

SHAB publications

We read the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce for you

On monetas you will find all information on every Swiss company that has been published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SHAB) since 1994.

Contact information

Your direct line to the company

On monetas you will find the current address, telephone number, fax number, email and web information of every Swiss company.

Company news

What the press says about a company

Monetas summarises for you the most important news about a company.

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