Combatting money laundering and the finance of terrorism – are you subject to AML regulation?

Know your customer (KYC)

Bisnode will support you in complying with statutory regulations designed to avoid money laundering and the finance of terrorism. We’re your partner in the area of B2B.


Secure business with the KYC report

With our KYC report, you will be able to comply with money laundering regulations quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With one look, you will receive all compliance relevant information necessary in order to efficiently organise your process of taking on new customers in accordance with the simplified due diligence inspection system.


  • Identification of companies
    - D-U-N-S® number
    - Name, address and – if applicable – registration information
    - Contact data
    - Activity status and main area of activity

  • Company Executives

  • Capital owner

  • Key financial information as well as number of employees for an initial economic assessment

  • Check of company and decision maker against key sanction lists
    - HM Treasury
    - OFAC
    - EU Consolidated Sanctions

  • Additionally check of Executives against the CIA PEP list

  • Company check on
    - Stock exchange listing
    - Listing with financial regulatory authorities

  • Sovereign risk and country inspection against 7 sanction lists

Thanks to the unique D-U-N-S ® number, which is recognised and utilised worldwide as a unique identification criteria of a company, as well as the D&B Family Trees which show the global corporate structure and linkages between companies, Bisnode D&B can offer your businesses the highest level of transparency and security.

Perfect supplement through Global Reference Solution

You can profit even more with Bisnode’s global data coverage and achieve better transparency through this unique research tool. Global Reference Solutions (GRS) was developed in cooperation with OLAF (Office de Lutte Anti-Fraude - European Anti-fraud Office).

GRS offers multiple options in the field of compliance:

  • Immediate KYC identity verification of your new customers
  • Inspection of company interrelations of equity contribution (majority and minority holding) as well as that concealed by decision makers
  • Automated surveillance of your existing customers also with regards to company linkages and Executives
  • Research in case of suspicion of fraud
  • Exposure of potential conflicts of interest
  • Easy archiving through export in various formats

Large scale inspection with the KYC batch

Our KYC batch is also available to you for the regular compliance inspection of your entire client base. In terms of content, the product corresponds to the online KYC report for case by case inspection. However, the batch allows for the inspection of large volumes in one step in different periods - according to risk groups.

For further options like an upgrade with additional information or for a reassessment of your core data simply get in touch.

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