Know and monitor risks


With the help of Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd., companies can practice professional credit management and can avoid losses on receivables.

Companies enter relationships with their business partners and, in doing so, take on risks. On these risks concerns the solvency of customers and suppliers. In order to quantify this risk, companies need a high quality and independent evaluation of their business partners.


“We are conducting a solvency check via Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. in order to protect us from losses.”

Fossil Group Europe GmbH

As the market leader in commercial information, we have the largest national and international customer database at our disposal. This encompasses more than a million firms in Switzerland and around 250 million firms worldwide.

Thanks to our unique and selective scoring model, we are able to evaluate the solvency of existing and potential business partners. In addition to solvency, our reports also include further diverse information from various sources. In addition to the base address information, these include payment history, debt collection and recovery information, information regarding operations and management as well as ties to other companies both foreign and domestic. This enables a detailed analysis of customers, suppliers and partners. By linking the data records, Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. also enables the analysis of the entire customer portfolio. This way, correlation risk can be recognised at a single glance in order to make necessary decisions at a management level.

With the Bisnode D&B Switzerland Ltd. risk solutions, companies can realise the risks of their business relationships.