Reports with informative payment histories

Swiss reports

Thanks to Switzerland’s largest database, you can always make informed and high-quality credit decisions. We provide you with extensive reports with various levels of information about companies and individuals so that each of your credit risks can be covered in the best possible way.
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Data relating to creditworthiness for companies and private individuals

We have over 100 years of experience that you can access specifically in the field of creditworthiness data. DunTrade® and ConsumerTrade®, our unique payment history pools, make it possible for us to process information from 3.9 million
real payment histories in our business reports every month. With Bisnode D&B, you can find out if your customers pay, and how they pay, as soon as you have ordered the report.

It goes without saying that we are just as proactive in collecting important information such as
debt-collection reports as we are for debt-collection measures, whether we are covering companies or private individuals

The D&B score and rating, another deciding element, show you how high the likelihood of a bankruptcy is in the next 12 months. Do not be taken by surprise.

Company networks as a complete overview

Company networks help you to have a deeper understanding of the company structure of your customers worldwide. It can be a matter of significant importance whether a company can rely on the support of a parent company or if your customer is a small, unconnected company. Our
global company networks can give you this overview.

A focus on importance

Our reports are laid out according the importance of the individual elements. This means that you are able to see all of the
important creditworthiness information on the first page of the report.

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